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G SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 17-19. 1908. . OKAY, ,- ‘ h I d f d tl recti · "°m"“”.R..a‘at$°” ct .. p..tu.}Zn¤d‘iL‘g‘¥2ETJ."¥.Y{.‘i§.£‘{§0€{’Zt£€§.Y¤,“S`3°. ii';"?'.. if Simi E,. ..33

 station, in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representat2Sves of the United §,“{},§‘,}°{,*{,‘}}§g,,I;Q‘;,t_ States of America in Congress assembkd, That the Secretary of the for immigration sw- De rtment of Commerce and Labor be, and he is hereby, authorized °x°°’°°°h°m°d` andm directed to acquire by purchase or condemnation a smtable site and cause to be erected, complete, thereon, a public bu1lding temrarily accommodate and care for immigrants arriving at the city of ‘·*""“°*°"‘· Fhiladelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania; the cost of said s_1te and tho complete erection, equipment and furnishing of sa1d building not to exceed the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. _ h,f¤§g,¥;,'{*,§,lg’g *'°“‘ Sec. 2. That the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars IS ` hereby appropriated for the purchase of ground for and the complete erection and furnmhxntipf said bundmg, wh1ch sum shall be paid from the immigrant fund; t the said building shall be erected 1D accordm""·°“’· ance with plans and specifications to be prepared by the Supervising Arghitect of the Treasury Department, and under the superv1s1ou o sai Department. Approved, February 6, 1908. ` 1'¤*·¤··¤¢· 1** cnn. 18.-An A r trans! ri t sm h ,· th sm er1 ut,

 from the southern to thte dortherdljddiieixuciisiyrid ofmthe?Sigte, gud tdapioviddl for

[Pnb1ie,No.17.] sittingof the United States and district courts for the northern district of Flori at the city of Gainesville, in said district. Be it enacted 6 the Senate and Eine of Rep2· of the United ,,,E§,'f_‘?§j§‘,$,§{}`°r” States of Amerzba in Oonglreaa assembled, That the county of Alachua, .u¤en¤¤· county in the State of Florida, w `ch is now in the southern ju icial district §,Q‘,§§,F,,f,{,‘Q{’,}$,,_*‘°“ of said State, be, and the same is hereby, transferred to and made a ·:;LM¤¤· P- ¤7» pagt of ti19rl;1(;l'iihi;‘D judicial district of said State. renin `e.¤m,m. nc. 2. t a causes, civil and criminal which arose in said ng county of Alachua, and which are now pending; in the courts of said southern judicial district of Florida, shall remain and be disposed of 11; saéd cogrgs, and all persons who] have committed olfenses against t e nite tutes in said county shall beprosecuted and tried as t ough _ this Act had not been passed. _ véligrms ¤¢ G•i¤¤•· Sec. 3. That there shall be held at the city of Gainesville, in the said county of Alachua, terms ot both c1rcu1t and district courts for said northern district of Florida, on the first Monday in May and on the first Monday nn December of each year. hgmwnwqmmn Sac 4. That suitable rooms and accommodations shall be furnished ' forholding said courts free of expense to the Government of the United States until such time as a Federal buildin shall be pre red for that purpose in said city of Gainesville, in the State of Florid):. Approved, February 6, 1908. Felpgmry CHAP. 19.-—An Act Providing for second homestead entries. .x. . ‘"[‘“—‘p,,b,,cy N0_ ,B—`_] Be it en acted ty t/ie Senate and House of Rep·re.9entatiz·e.s of the United gggglwdgwmd gtqges qi rinaerzzéd gnégrgws aa¢seln2bZed. Tha; any] person who, prior u as Q _ epnssageo is c, asmaeentryun ertehom.t d -, e m perm md but from any cause has lost forfeited or abandoned the saideciashalrlie euptlefll (tp thebbeneiitsl of thp homestead law as though such former en ry a no _ een ma e an any person a lyi f d h - R¤<1¤ir<>m¤¤¤- stead under this Act shall furnish the desciiip tiohganglreilafgcgfl hisofldh- £_>Qz.;,..;{ D mer entry: Provided, That the provisions of) this Act shall not apply " P ° · to any rsou whose former entr was canceled for ~ · _ _P€ Y fraud, or who relinquished the former entry for a valuable consideration. Approved, February 8. 1908.