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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. 35] agents or inspectors, or to perform any special ori unusual duty in connection herewith, shall not receive as compensation exceeding two hundred dollars per month, in addition to actual traveling expensesand per diem not exceeding four dollars in lieu of subsistence, when absent on du? from their designated and actual posts of duty: Provided That 0 the sum hereby appropriated not exceeding seven thou- ,j{‘“f‘}Xl%’F* w“"h“"` sand dollars may be expended for personal services in the District of “°i‘iI.T"‘*“i d f S -· { tal ex n iture 0 money appropriated herein for school ur- ,,‘{§§’,§',,‘§"" ° “' gee in Alaskh shall be under the supervision and direction ofpthe pe mmissioner of Education and in conformit with such conditions, rules, and regulations as to conduct and methods of instruction and expenditure of money as may from time to time be recommended by him and approved by the Secretary of the Interior. _ Rmimnmz ron A1.AsxA: For the support of reindeer stations in R°“"°°’· _Alaska, and for the instruction of Alaskan natives in the care and manggement of the reindeer, hfteen thousand dollars; and all reindeer · own by the United States in Alaska shall, as soon as racticable, be turned over to missions in or natives of Alaska, to be Iheld and used by them under such conditions as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe. The Secrets:} of the Interior may authorize the sale of surplus male reindeer an make re lations for the same. The procéee s of such sale shall be turneglinto the Treasury of the United . tates. - . To enable the governor of Aimee under the direction of the Secre- ,,f_}§g{"““‘“*' “‘*“°' tary of the Interior, to take action to suppress the traiiic in intoxicating liquors among the natives of Alaska, six thousand dollars. · Ynnmwscroum N ATIONAL PARK! For the administration and protec- Y°“°""‘°"° ’“'*·

of the Yellowstone National Park, five thousand five hundred

o rs. For purchase of necessary feed for buffalo and salary of buffalo F"°“°"’“”"°· keeper, two thousand five hundred dollars. ` For completing the survey of and properly marking, under direction M§“"°Y*“* "°‘““" of the Secretary of the Interior, that portion of the boundary of Yel- ` lowstone National Park which remains unmonumented, an estimated distance of fifty-seven miles, at a rate r mile to be fixed by the said Secretarv, including the expense of a field examination, two thousand five hundred dollars. Yosmurrn NATIONAL PARK, CAmroRmA: For protection and im- Y°·*¤¤'°° ?·**· provement of the Yosemite National Park, and the construction of ridges. fences, and trails, and improvement of roads, other than toll roads, thirty thousand dollars. Simeon NATIONAL PARK, CA1.u·oRmA: For the protection and $***4**0** '*¤*'*· improvement of the Sequoia National Park, and the construction and repair of bridges, fences, and trails, and improvement of roads, other than toll roads, fifteen thousand five hundred and fifty dollars. GENERAL (}RAN’\' NATIONAL PARK, CAm1=·oRiuA: For protection and G°“°’”‘G'°“"""*· improvement of the General Grant National Park, construction of flences and trails, and repairing and extension of roads, two thousand 0 lars. CRATE]; LAKE NATIONAL PARK, Oaneoxz For protection and im- °"°°"·'*° ""*· provement of the Crater Lake National Park and repairing and extension of roads, three thousand dollars. Musa Vanns NATIONAL PARK, Conoiunoz For protection and im- ”°°**V°'°°*’°"‘· provement of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, including the ands within five miles of the boundaries of said reservation, which, under the Act of June twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and six, are to V°*· 3*- P- °"· be administered by the same service established for the custodianship of the park, seven thousand five hundred dollars. MoUN·r RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, WAsmso·roN: For protection and ,,§k‘f““‘ R‘*°’°‘ improvement of Mount Rainier National Park, construction of bridges. ‘ fences, and trails, and improvement of roads, three thousand dollars.