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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 204. 1908. 40] or repel invasion, can not be met by the regular forces, the organized m1l1t1a shall be called into the service of the United States in advance of any volunteer force which it may be determined to raise." Sec. 5. That section seven of said Act as amended be, and the same is hereby, amended and reenacted so as to read as follows: " Sec. 7. That every officer and enlisted man of the militia who shall u”f“S{°’{g¤ i¤· “’}Phbe called forth in the manner hereinbefore prescribed, shall be mus- he¤m,$1d:.u cum tered for service without further enlistment, and without further medical examination revious to such muster, except for those States ',§X{°P*§*;¤- ,7 and Territories whichrhave not adopted the standard, of medical exam- nmeinied. ’ P` G' ination prescribed for the Regplar Army: Provided, however, That {»,",‘f,'§'§’{f;,,,,,,, ,0, ,,, any officer or enlisted man of the militia who shall refuse or neglect wml *0 ¤¤S**'*=*¤¤¤· to present himself for such muster, upon being called forth as herein prescribed, shall be subject to trial by court-martial and shall be punished as such court-martial ma direct." _ Sec. 6. That section eight of, said Act as amended be, and the same is hereby, amended and reenacted so as to read as follows: . ‘ "Smo. 8. That the majority membership of courts·martial for the gg¤¤t¤··ge¤i¤1· trial of officers or men of the militia when in the service of the United v$i?°$l2i°°;5. ms, States shall be composed of oiHcers." "“°“"°"· Sm. 7. That section eleven of said Act as amended be, and the same is hereby, amended and reenacted so as to read as follows: “SEc. 11. That when the militia is called into the actual service of p,‘;,°”*m““°°m€"* °* the United States, or any portion of the militia is called forth under vin. sz, p. m, the provisions of this Act their pay shall commence from the day °m°”d°d‘ of their appearing at the place of company rendezvous, but this provision sha not be construed to authorize any species of expenditure ,,,P¤;'*°““ °‘!’°“‘“‘ previous to arriving at such places of rendezvous which is not provided by existing laws to be paid after their arrival at such places of rendezvous." ' Sec. 8. That section thirteen of said Act as amended be, and the _ same is hereb , amended and reenacted so as to read as follows: "S1·:o. 13. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to pro- },¤g‘_;g,g§,§(f,f*$;,°g’6v_ cure, by (purchase or manufacture, and issue from time to time to the sums, eee., not is organize militia, under such regulations as he may prescribe, such "`§l'[,j'?' 3Q' p_ m_ number of the United States service arms, together with all accessories *“¤°¤d°d· and such other accouterments, equipments, uniforms, clothing, equi- . e, and military stores of all kin s required for the Army of the Uilited States, as are necessarv to arm, uniform, and equip all of the organized militia in the several States, Territories, and the District of _ Columbia, in accordance with the requirements of this Act, without ,,f},Yf,j‘j,'}f§f,§‘,j’,]§ °° charging the cost or value thereof, or aqy expense connected therewith, against the allotment of said State, erritory, or the District of _ M Columbia, out of the annual appropriation provided by section sixteen R' °""°‘ 1°°’l‘ p' hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes as amended, or requir- _ f ing payment therefor, and to exchange, without receiving any money ,,i{'j§§f‘“““°° '"'"”“' credit therefor, ammunition or parts thereof suitable to the new arms, round for round, for corresponding ammunition suitable to the old arms heretofore issued to said State, Territory, or the District of Pr v_ Columbia by the United States: B·wided, That said property shall E,°L'§'Q'{§’ge,;°iq;°r remain the roperty of the United States, except as hereinafter pro- mw ”m“· vided, and he annually accounted for by the governors of the States and Territories as required by law, and that each State, Territory, and the District of Columbia shall, on receipt of new aims or equipments, turn in to the War Department, or otherwise dispose of in accordance with the directions of the Secretary of War, without receiving money credit therefor and without expense for transportation, a l United States property so replaced or condemned. When the organ- °1°“‘“"‘“°"°“"°‘ ized militia is uniformed as above required, the Secretary of Vi'ar is authorized to fix an annual clothing allowance to each State, Territory,