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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 228. 1908. 529 United States post-oitlice at Danbury, Connecticut, one hundred and "*m‘”'">’» (’°¤¤- fifteen thousand dollars. d Hnited States post-office at Wallingford, Connecticut, sixty thousand W““i“¥‘°'d· C°¤¤· 0 ars. United States (posbolhee, court-house, and custom-house at Miami, "“‘““*- "'l*‘· Florida, one hun red and seventy-five thousand dollars. United States post-office at Cordele, Georgia, fifty thousand dollars. °°"’$’l°· °“· United States post-office at Dublin, Georgia, fifty thousand dollars. D“"""· G“· United States post-ofli ce at Lagrange, Georgia, fifty thousand dollars. I·‘f*"“"g°·_""· d United States post—ofIice at Milledgeville, Georgia, fifty thousand M‘“°“g°"‘“°·G“· o lars. . U nited States post-ofiice at Chicago Heights, Illinois, si xty-five thou- °*“°"*'° H°‘g"‘·'·m· sand dollars. _ United States post-oflice at Granite City, Illinois, seventy thousand °"“'“° °"*'· UL do lars. j United States post-otlioe at Greenville, Illinois, sixty-five thousand G'°°“‘"“°· I"' dollars. United States post-office at La Salle, Illinois, sixty-five thousand l·“S**“°·m· dollars. ` United States post-ofiiee at Mattoon, Illinois, seventy thousand M““°°“· *1*- dollars. United States post-oflice at Muxhysboro, Illinois, sixty-five thou- ““’*f""“""’°· m· sand dollars: Provided, That the cretary of the Treasury may, in ‘ his discretion, reduce the open space for fire protection to fifteen feet. United States p0st—oHioe at Pana, Illinois, seventy thousand dollars. P““‘{· m' United States post·otIice at Pontiac, Illinois, sixty-five thousand P°'"‘“‘°*m· dollars. United States post-ofiice at Bloomington, Indiana, sixty thousand m°°¤¤*¤¤*°¤·¥¤¤· dollars, in addition to six thousand dollars heretofore authorized. United States post-office at Brazil, Indiana, sixty-five thousand B'¤“· 1****- dollars. United States post-oflioe at Elwood, Indiana, fifty thousand dollars. E“'°°"· md- United States post—office at Goshen, Indiana, seventy thousand dol- °°°*‘°“· mdlars. United States post-office at Laporte, Indiana, seventy thousand dol- '·*1f°"°· Indlars. . United States post-office at Princeton, Indiana, sixty-five thousand "'*“°°'°'*· I"- dollars. United States post-ofliee at Wabash; Indiana, sixty-five thousand “'•"•·*'*·I“°· dollars. United States post-oflice at Ames Iowa, sixty thousand dollars. A;¤°¤· *0** United States post-office at Clay Uenter, Kansas, sixty-tive thousand C “’ °°"“"· K"“'· d liars. 0United States post—office at Ooifeyville, Kansas, seventy-five thou- °°**°Y"*"•=- Km sand dollars. _ United States post-office at Great Bend, Kansas, sixty thousand dol- G'°*‘° B°”°· Km la . United States post-oflice at Independence, Kansas, seventy-five thou- K_f;,"° P °“d°¤ °°· d d liars. SmUnit(:ad States post-office at Parsons, Kansas, seventy-five thousand *`"’°"*~ K*¤¤· d ll . OU}hlil;ed States post-oince at Wellington, Kansas, sixty-five thousand W¤¤i¤¤¢<>¤· Kmd ll . 0U`i1Ii!ted States p0st·0liice at MODDt Sterling, Kentucky, sixty-five M<>“¤*5*°¤’ll¤€·K¥· thousand dollars. _ _ _ United States post-office at Somerset, Kentucky, sixty-five thousand S<>¤¤¤**· KY- d ll . Olfiilifted States post—oiHce at Crowley, Louisiana, fifty-five thousand ¤¤>w¤¤>r L¤- d lla . Olfntiled States post·oEce at Franklin, Louisiana, fifty thousand dol- F¤*¤l¤*¤—¤*· lars.