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560 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 237. 1908. organizatiorépnd under spchl rules and regulations as may be acceptable to the cretary of the nterior. wgktppgopgciadous or gl] appropriations 0; ttlhelgvaters cg téiteltiéesgryftiop shall be made ’un er e rovisionso e wso the 0 on na. use www my Sec. 3. That the Secretary of the Interior may reserve such lands as "°"°"°°°"p“"°°“°°‘ he may deem necessary for agenc , school, and religious purposes, to remain reserved as long as needed; and as long as agency, school, or P . religious institutions are maintained thereon for the benefit of said _1-mm.; in me m re- lndians: Provided, however, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby hgi°“'°'g““l"°°““‘ authorized and directed to issue a patent in fee simple to the duly authorized missionary board, or other proper authority of any religious organization heretofore enga ed in mission or school work on said 4 reservation, for such lands thereon (not included in any town site Rpm Mom hetxpein provided for) as lliawie been heretpfcgire set aép;1};o]suchTplrg¤11ai— Ind lem-véu mr za 'on or mission or sc oo u ses: n ewi rt er at » e '°"°°l """’°“°“· °°°‘ Secretary of the Interior is heiidb) authoriz% and directed to reserve two and seven hundredths acres oi? land in the town of Popla1·, on said reservation, now occupied for public school purposes, and issue patent in Sep for the same so the school trustees of e school district in which sai and is situate . ` ,§°§°@§§*,‘,§§‘,{‘§Y”B“u' The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed, mfjgggvgggffggffpflg; when the said lands are surveyed, to issue the Great Northern Railpom. way Company a patent or patents conveying for railroad purposes · · such lands at such point or points as in the judgment of the said Secretary are necessary for the use of said railway company in the construction and maintenance of water reservoirs, am sites, and for right of way for water pi ., lines for use by said railway company in o rat- ,,g""l‘““‘“ “°’°““"· ing its line of over and across said reservation; the saidlliinds so to be conveyed not to exceed forty acres at any one int and not · to exceed one tract for each ten miles of the main line oiixsaid railway as now constructed within said reservation, and said lands shall be selected in such manner as not to unnecessarily injure or interfere with the selection and location ofltpwn sges herginafter provided for; the said tent or patents to be e ivere to said company u n a — """“°”'·“· ment bypasaid company, within thirty days after notiiicatioffic ofptlie issuance of patent, of the reasonable value of said lands, not less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, and also upon payment by said company to said Secretary of any and all damages sustained by indi- , vidual members of said tribe by reason of the appro riation of said I,,‘],$§,‘§§f‘ ‘° °’°‘“‘ "* lands for the purposes aforesai ; all moneys so paid ihr the value of said lands to be deposited in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of said Indians, and the moneys received by said Secretarv as ¤*=·¤»·w· dargageslpustzgned by individual members of said tribe shall be by him ai to the in ivi uals sustainin said dama es. ,§§§’°§€f“,,,‘{f,,{‘§ P Sec. 4. That upon the compléion of saidgallotments the President ii¤¤¤<*¤· of the United States shall appoint a commission consistin of three persons to inspect, classify, appraise, and value all of saiddands that shall not have been allotted in severalty to said Indians or reserved P0 mmm pylthe Segpletary oféhe Interior, saidlpoliinnligssion to be lpopistituted as ‘ m ’ ‘ ol ows: e 0 said commissioners s a a rson o in triba relptions withdsaid Indians, pnie a gepresengiative gl? the Indian lgiureau, _ an one a resident citizen o the tate o ontana. M“°““g· Sec. 5. That within thirty days after their appointment said commem em missionersshall meet at some point within the Fort Peck Reservation 'and organize by election of one of their number as chairman. Said commission is hereby empowered to select, sulgect to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, such clerks an assistants as may be necessary in the performance of their duties herein specified, the com- Smms pensation of each such clerk and assistant to be fixed by said Secretary. 1;,,,.,,,,,;,, ln no case shall any such clerk or assistant receive a salary exceeding