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572 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. RLS. 19-21. 1908. property, the same to be delivered to said committee designated at suc time prior to the date of said convention as may be agreed upon by the Secretary of War and William H. Atwell, chairman of said . executive committee: Asad provided further, That the Secretary of War shall, before delivering such property, take from said Wil iam mea. H. Atwell a good and sufficrent bond for the safe return of said property in good order and condition, and the whole without expense to the United States. Approved, May 4, 1908. Elklfé [No. Mr]-Joint Resolution For the relief of the sufferers from the cyclone which .Q.L.J..i.. occurred rn the States of , Alabama, Misdssippi, and Louisiana on April lP¤b- BH-.N¤· U-] twenty-fourth, nineteen hun and eight. Resobued by the Senate and Howe if R esentatdves of the United seuuremqeroue. States of Amenba in Congress assem ted, That the Secretary of War

¤°f.,l{,°,{,,{'f‘£ is hereby authorized to procure, in open market or otherwise, sub-

=‘l:**W*·*“dk”*‘ sistence and qhuartermaster supplies, medicines, and medical aid, in ` addition to suc supplies belonging to the military establishment and available, and issue same to such destitute persons as have been rendered homeless or are in needy circumstances as the result of the cyclone which occurred April twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and eight, in the States of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, and in executing this joint resolution is directed to cooperate with the authorities of the said States. sppmpnanen. Sec. 2. That to enable the Secretary of War to execute the provisions of this joint resolution and of the joint resolution on the same _,,,,,_,_5»,,,_ subject adopted April twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and eight, 1**** there is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be expprnded under the direction and in the discretion of the Secretary of ar. - Approved, May 11, 1908. may 11,190e. LNo. 21.]-Joint Resolution Amending the Joint Resolution for the relief of storm _ [HJ- R- 17**] su erers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, approved April thirtieth, [puh_ R,.,." N, qu nineteen hundred and eight. Reaobved ao; the Senate and House of Re uwentativaes of the United seauiemeyerene. States of America in Congress assemlbled, Tliat the provisions and ben- ,,{‘,§’2$Q$§‘§"?,-*;*,,2f etits of Public Resolution Numbered seventeen. for the relief of storm $:_·;:¤¤¤· ¤¤d '1`¤¤- sutferers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, approved ,,,,,,1 ,,_ 5.,,, April thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eig t, be extended to the sufferers from the same storm or c clone in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee, and that the Secretary of \far be and he is hereby authorized and directed to grant the same relief to persons in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee, whose property was injured or destroyed, as rovided in the original resolution for citizens of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Approved, May 11, 1908. -