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2160 PROCLAMATIONS, 1907. Lmds °*°°P*°'*· Excepting from the force and effect of this proclamation all lands which are at this date embraced in any legal entry or covered by any lawful filing or selection duly of record in the proper United States Land Office, or upon which any valid settlement has been made pursuant to law, if the statutory period within which to make entry_or filing of record has not expired; and also excepting all lands which at this date are embraced within any withdrawal or reservation for any use or purpose with which this reservation for forest uses 1S inconsistent: Provided, that these exceptions shall not continue to apply to any particular tract of land unless the entryman, settler, or claimant continues to comply with the law under which the entry, filing, or settlement was made, or unless the reservation or withdrawal with which this reservation is inconsistent continues in force; CW *¤¤d¤· not excepting from the force and effect of this proclamation, however, any part of the National Forest hereby established which may have been withdrawn to protect the coal therein, but this proclamation does not vacate any such coal land withdrawal; and provided that these exceptions shall not apply to any land embraced in any selection, entry, or filing, which may have been permitted to remain of record subject to the creation of a permanent reservation. mgfglgfg ‘”°*¤ Warning is hereby given to all persons not to make settlement upon any of the lands reserved by this proclamation, unless and until they are listed by the Secretary of Agriculture and opened to homestead settlement or entry by the Secretary of the Interior under the V°‘· 3* P- 233- Act of Congress, approved June eleventh, nineteen hundred and six, entitled, "An Act To provide for the entry of Agricultural lands within forest reserves." IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be ailixed. Done at the Citv of Washington this 26th day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seven, [SEAL.-] and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirty-second. Tmzononm Roosrzvmxr By the President: _ ` Emuu Roow Srcr¢·lary of State. November 16. 1907- Br rim Pnnsmsur or rm: Uxrrao Srnms or Ammon. A PROCLAMATION. 31;::33:- WHEREAS the Congress of the United States did by an act apv.,;_ 34, ,3, 26-;_ proved on the sixteenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and six, provide that the inhabitants of the Territory of Oklahoma and of the Indian Territo might, under and upon the conditions prescribed in said act, aldybpt a constitution and become the State of Oklahoma: AND WHEREAS by the said act provision was duly made for the election of a Constitutional Convention to form a constitution and state government for the said fproposed State: and whereas it appaers from the information laid be ore me that such Convention was duly elected and such constitution and state government were thereby duly formed: AND WHEREAS by he said act the said Convention was further authorized and empowered to provide by ordinance for submitting the said constitution to the people of the said State for ratification