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PROCLAMATIONS, 1908. 2175 thirty minutes West twenty-six hundred eighty feet; thence due West six hundred fifty and eight tenths feet; thence North fifty-two degrees thirty minutes West eheven hundred feet; thence North nineteen degrees forty-five minutes West ten hundred fifty-eight and four tenths feet to Station A.12. from which Station 16 of the Survey of the tract of land conveyed to William Kent as aforesaid bears South eighty-three degrees forty-two minutes West three hundred ten feet distant; thence North eighty-three degrees forty»two minutes East thirty-one hundred nine and two tenths feet; thence north fifty-five degrees twenty-eight minutes East fifteen hundred fifty feet to an iron bolt, three—quarters of an inch in diameter and thirty inches long, Station 14; thence South seventeen degrees eighteen minutes East twenty-eight hundred twenty and nine tenths feet; thence South four degrees ten minutes East nine hundred thirty feet to a stake “A.16” driven in the center of a graded road; and thence South forty-five degrees seventeen minutes West two hundred ninety-eight and five tenths feet to said stake A.7. the place of beinning. Containing an area of two hundred ninety- ve acres a httle more or less, and, VVHEREAS, said relinquishment and conveyance has been accepted by the Secretary of the Interior in the manner and for the purposes prescribed in said Act of Congress, and ` VVHEREAS, an extensive growth of redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) embraced in said land is of extraordinary scientific interest and importance because of the primeval character of the forest in which it is located, and of the character, age and size of the trees, N·{¢*¢é¤·}}f¤¤ ¤i;¤¤- Now, therefore, I, Theodore Roosevelt, President of United States mm ’ ° °m ` of America, by virtue of- the power and authority in me vested by Section 2 of said Act of Congress, do here}? declare and proclaim that said grove and all of the land hereinbe ore described and full delineated on the diagram hereto attached and made a part hereog are hereby reserved from appropriation and use of all kinds under all the public land laws of the United States and set apart as a National Monument, to be known and recognized as the Muir.W0ods National Monument. lVarning is hereby expressly given to all unauthorized persons Reserved num not to appropriate, cut, injure, testroy or take away any trees on "°"'°'°°’"‘ "°· said land and not to locate or settle upon any of said and. IN \VITNESS WIIEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be aflixed. Done at the City of lVashington this 9th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eight. [snr.,] and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirty-second.

Theodore Roosevelt

By the President: Elihu Root Secretary of State.

By the President of the United Sates of America

January 11, 1908


WHEREAS, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, which is NQr¤¤¤{ Can you situated upon public land within the Grand Can on National For- §¤$J€,°ilm,°I°° “` est. in the Territory of Arizona, is an object ofy unusual scientific P'°"‘“"l°· interest, being the greatest eroded canyon within the United States, and it appears that the public interests would be promoted by reserving it as a National Monument, with such other land as is necessary for its proper protection;