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PROCLAMATIONS, 1909. 2237 the United States; Provided, that, nothing herein shall, for the term mgm ,0 In of twenty-Eve years from the date hereof, operate to terminate or d1•¤s,¤w. abridge the rights of the Secretary of the Interior and of the Commis— , sioner of Indian Affairs, under existin laws, to allot to individual Indians anvyhof such of the above described lands as were included in the said `te Mountain Apache Indian Reservation by the said A;zli'S°1ii‘m°if»inri:si: Executive Orders modified as aforesaid; to use any of such lands or "’"°”· the timber thereon for Agency, school, or other tribal purposes; to permit the use of any of such lands for grazing urposes; to permit Use ¤1zr¤J¤z1¤¤d, the free use by individual Indians of timber ancf) stone from any of °°°' said lands necessary for domestic use ppon their_ allotments; to dispose of the proceeds arising from grazinglas provided for by law for other Indian funds; and to dispose of the dead timber standing or fallen upon such lands; Prmrided further, that said powers an R•s¤l¤¤¤¤•. rights of the Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian airs or permittees under or throu h them or either of them, and of individual Indians, except as to aIlotments to such Indians, shall ‘ be subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of Agriculture may from time to time prescribe for the protection of the National Forest; and said powers and ritghts shall not be construed to apply R¤¤‘¤¤¤¤¤- to any land except such parts o said White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation as are included in the Forest by this proclamation, and all said powers and rigihts except the rights of individual Indians and their heirs to hold an enjoy their allotments, shall cease and determine twenty-five years after the date hereof, and thereafter the occupanctyo and use of the unallotted parts of said lands shall in all respects ubject to the laws governing National Forests. he withdrawal made by this proclamation shall, as to all lands Maw r¤z¤¤ M ¤¢- which are at this date legpllysgp ropriated imder the plublic land ' laws or reserved or used for nXgency, school, or churc purposes, or reserved for any public purpose other than for Indian occuplancy ` and use under such Executive Orders, be subject to, and sha not interfere with, or defeat legal rights under such appropriation, or prevent the use for such pu lic pmpose of lands so reserved, so long as such appropriation is_ egally mamtained, or such reservation remains in orce. This proclamation shall not prevent the settlement and entry of any lands heretofore opened to ettlement and entry under the Act °‘ "‘ ' of Conrrress approved June eleventh, nineteen hundred and six, entitled: "An Xa to provide for the entry of Agricultural lands Within forest reserves} ` IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. _ Done at the City of \Vashington, this second day of March, m the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and mne, [san.] and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirty-third. Tmzooonn Roosnvmxr By the President: Ronnnr Bao0N S ecrctary of State.