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2242 PROCLAMATIONS, 1909. M=¤°¤2:19°9- BY THE Pmzsmrnivr or THE UNITED STATES or AMERICA A PROCLAMATION z““*zN°"*°”“‘ F°,{‘ WHEREAS, it a ears that the public good will be romoted b mrrglmbigd N` M9utilizing as a Natioiilil Forest certaiii) unreserved public lands, withiii the Territory of New Mexico, which are in part_ covered with timber or undergrowth; and certain public lands within `said Territory, in part covered with timber and under owth, which constitute a part of the Zuni Indian Reservation, estabhshed by Executive Order dated " March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, and modified by subsequent Executive Orders; and certain public lands within the erritories of New Mexico and Arizona, in art covered with timber and undergrowth, which constitute a art oi) the Navajo Indian Reservation included in the extension madie to said Reservation by Executive Order dated Januar? sixth, eghteen hundred and eighty, and subsequent Executive `Or ers; all o which said lands are separately shown upon two parts of a diagram hereto attached and forming a . part hereof. - . N¤m¢m¤lF¤r¤st,Ari- Now, therefore, I, Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United '°€-T,f"2g§°H0°§°¤°“ States of America, by virtue of the power in me vested by section twenty-four of the Act of Congress, approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled, "An Act to re eal timber-culture laws, and for other purposes," do proclaim that there are hereby reserved from settlement or entry and set a art as a public reservation, for the use and benefit of the people, allpthe tracts of lands, in the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico, shown as the Zuni National ‘ » Forest on the two parts of the said diagram, and such National Forest shall, except as hereinafter rovided, be subject to all the laws affecting National Forests including the mineral land laws of the United gwaiw-pimms States; Provided, that nothing herein shall, for the term of twenty- S° °rfive years from the date hereof, operate to terminate or abridge the rights of the Secretary of the Interior and of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, under existing laws, to allot to individual Indians any of such of the above described lands as were included in said Zuni and Navajo Indian Reservations by the said Executive Orders, modi— fied as aforesaid; to use an of such lands or the timber thereon for Agency, school, or other tribal purposes; to ermit the use of any of such lands for azing urposes; to permit tlIe free use by indivi ual Indians of timber and) stone from any of said lands necessary for domestic use upon their allotments; to dispose of the proceeds arising from graz' as provided for by law for other Indian fimds; and to dis ose ofuthe dead timber standing or fallen upon such lands; Pro- Rvgurauasmw. vidgd further, that said powers and rights of the Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs pr permittees under or through them or either of them, and of individua Indians, except as to allotments to such Indians shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of Agriculture may from time to time prescribe for the protection of the National Forest; and said powers and rights shall not be construed to apply to any land except such parts of said Zuni Indian Reservation and Navajo Indian Reservation as are included in the Forest by this roclamation, and all said owers and rights except the rights of individual Indians and their heirs to hold and enjoy their a otments, shall cease and determine twenty-five years after the date hereof, and thereafter the occupancy and use of the unallotted parts of said lands shall in all respects be subject to the laws governing National Forests. — mma agus M: The withdrawal made by this proclamation shall, as to all lands °°°°°‘ which are at this date legally appropriated under the public land # laws or reserved or used for Indian Xgency, school, or churcqi purposes,