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TREATY-SPAIN. JUNE 15,1904. 1947 Treaty of extradition between the United States and Spain. Signed at Madrid, June 15, 1.904; ratification with amendments advised by the Senate, January 20, 1907; protocol adopting amendments signed at San Sebastian, August 13, 1907; ratification of treaty with amending protocol advised by the Senate, January 16, 1908; ratified by the President, February 5 1908,· ratified by Spain, March 30, 1908; ratifications exchanged at Madrid, April 6, 1908,- proclaimed, May 21, 1908. Br zum Pnmsmnwr or- nm Unrrmn Sryms or Amnmcs. June 15,1oo4. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas a Treaty between the United States of America and Spain Pr¤¤¤¤¤1¤- providin for the mutual extradition of fugitives from justice was concluded and si ed b their respective Pleuipotentiaries at Madrid on the fifteenth glliy ofy June, one thousand nme lumdred and four, the original of which Treaty, being in the English and Spanish languages is word for word as follows: TREATY 01* EXTEADITION BETWEEN THE TRATAD0 DE EXTRADICIllN ENTBE LOS ES- mxmamon with UNITED STATES 01* AHBRICA AND SPAIN. TADOS UNIDOS DE AIERICA Y ESPARA. Spam. Anrrcm I. _ Axrricuno I. It is agreed that the Govern- El Gobierno de los Estados Reciprocal dement of the United States and Unidos y el Gobierno de Espana EYZ. gztd "$,"§'}"§ the Government of Spain shall, convienen en entregar a la jus- °*'i¤°¤~ upon mutual requisition duly ticia, a peticion uno de otro, made as herein provided deliver hecha con arreglo a lo que en up to justice any person who may este Convenio se dispone 6. tobe charged with, or may have dos los individuos acusados 6 been convicted of any of the convictos de cualesquiera de los crimes specified in Article II of delitos especificados en el articulo this Convention committed within 29 de este Convenio, cometidos the jurisdiction of one of the dentro de la jurisdiccién de una Contracting Parties while said de las Partes contratantes, siemperson was actually within such pre que dichos individuos esjurisdiction when the crime was tuvieren demro de dicha juriscommitted, and who shall seek an diccion al tiempo de cometer el asylum or shall be found within delito y que busquen asilo 6 sean the territories of the other, ro- cncontrados en e territorio de la vided that such surrender sliall otra; con tal que dicha entrega take place only upon such evi- tenga lugar unicamente en virtud dence of criminality, as according de las pruebas de culpabilidad to the laws of the place where que, con orme a las leyes del pais the fugitive or person so chargpd en que el refugiado 6 acusado se shall be found, would justify is encuentre, justificarian su detenapprehension and commitment cion y enjuiciamiento si el crimen for trial if the crime or offence 6 delito se hubiese cometido alli. had been there committed. Anncm II. Anricuno II. Persons shall be delivered up Segun lo dispuesto en este Con- Exuaaizaune according to the- provisions of this venio, seran entregados los iuvi- °"‘“°"