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1040 SiXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 209. 1911. 8l8¤l¤l coma SIGNAL oonrs. For pay of forty-two master s` nal electricians, at nine hundred dollars each, thirt -seven thousanii eight hundred dollars. For pay of one hundred and thirty-two first-class sergeants, at live hundred and forty dollars each, seventy-one thousand two hundred d ht d llars. _ mF<;·1gpa§ of one hundred and forty-four sergeants, at thirty-six dollars per month each, sixty-two thousand two hundred and eight d ll . Olfzis ay of twenty-four cooks, at thirtv dollars per month each, eight tlliousand six hundred and forty dollars. For pay of one hundred and fifty-six corjporals, at twenty-four dollars per month each, forty-four thousand nine hundred and twenty- e` ht dollars. 1gFor pa of, five hundred and fifty-two first—class privates, ateighteen dyhllars per month each, one hundred and nineteen thousand two hundred and thirty-two dollars. _ For pa of one hundred and sixty-eight privates, at fifteen dollars per month each, thirty thousand two hundred and forty dollars. ~ Additional pay to twelve sergeants, serving as mess sergeants, at six dollars per month each cig t hundred and sixty-four dollars. _ Additional pay for length o service, fifty-six thousand dollars.

  1. ¤¢Pi¢l·l9°¥P|· nosrrrnr. oonrs.

_1il;or gag of enlisted men, nine hundred and forty thousand and eig ty dollars. _ hAdditio1(;ialhpay for length of service, one hundred and sixty-·eight thousand o rs. . Service school de- snnvrcn scnoor. Dm·AcnMnN*r. hebment. For pay of live sergeants, first clam, H ital C0 at iift d ll each per month, three thousand dollars. OSP rpg, _ y 0 am For pay of six privates, first class, Hospital Corps, at eighteen dollars each per month, 'one thousand two hundred and ninety-six dollars. — e,gl°’¤ ¤*°"°"€°”· PAY T0 OLEBKS, MESSENGERS, AND LABOREBS AT HnADqUAn·mns or- DIVIBIONS, AND DEPARTMENTS, AND Posrs OOMMANDED BY GENERAL ' ormcnns, AND ormcn or *1*111: emma or sramr. d Hue chief clerk, at the office of the Chief of Staff, two thousand o ars per annum. Fifteen clerks, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each per annum. Sixteen clerks, at one thousand` six hundred dollars each per annum. Forty clerks, at one thousand four hundred dollars each per annum: Prmaded, That one of said clerks shall be em loyed as stenographer for the military information division in the Ehili ine Islands pp Seventy-four clerks, at one thousand two hundred dollars each nnum per Eighty-five clerks, at one thousand doll h _ Two clerks, at nine hundred dollars calif BZ? aiiiihriillnum One clerk,_ at seven hundred and twenty dollars per annum. One captain of the watch, at nine hundred dollars er annum. Diggs watehmen, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each per a .