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SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 240. 1911. 1309. two hundred and ninety-one, dated October fifteenth, nineteen hundred and seven, as found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury by certificate of settlement by the Auditor for Interior Department, numbered mneteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight, of March first, nineteen hundred and eleven, one thousand six hundred and twenty dollars and eight cents payable from the appropriation "Surveying the public lands, certified c1aims." eovnnnmmrr nosrrrar. Fon run nvsaun. H$,‘{,§§,'ff“°“‘I“s““° The accounting officers of the Treasur are authorized and directed M· 8** °',·m,m to credit the accounts of M. Sanger, special disbursing ent, Govern- Cmuwn tl ment Hospital for the Insane, with the sum of onealiundred and seventy dollars and five cents, being the amount disallowed, and which will be disallowed, b said accounting officers on account of payment made to and for lllitrgaret Fitz atrick for expenses in going to Chicago and return under direction ofpher superior officers. . · COLUMBIA INSTITUTION Fon new Arm mma. D,,°,‘§,‘}'{‘u‘{,‘,*{,§,‘§;‘n_“° The expenditures incurred during the current fiscal year for furnish- ing and equipping the western dormitory of the Columbia Institution 'p` for the Deaf and Dumb, partially destroyed by fire February sixth, nineteen hundred and ten, and for resurfacing asphalt walks and driveways adjacent thereto, mag be paid from the appropriation available for the current year for re uilding of the western dormitory. · . INDIAN Arrams. * mmm Acura Administration of affairs of the Five Civilized Tribes: For expense ,n{',},;¢ Clvmwd of administration of affairs of the Five Civilized Tribes, Oklahoma, Aunirnnu-mon exin the completion of the work heretofore reqpired by law to be done p°““°“‘ b the Commissioner to the Five Civilized ribes, including salaries oi! employees and expenses incident to the selling of the unallotted lands of the Five Civr ized Tribes, and in the reappraisement and selling of the unallotted timber lands of the Choctaw Nation and the timber thereon; the amount appropriated to be reimbursable from *‘°"°"“"°°"‘°°‘~ thpl proceeds of the sales of said lands and timber, thirty thousand dollars. For additional pay to Second Assistant Commissioner of Indian c§‘,gg,‘;_';;§,ne';§•'°“¤* Aifairs, who shall erform the duties of chief clerk, to be appointed Adarmnunw. by the Secretary oi) the Interior, five hundred dollars. ‘""" *"m°‘ ononoorcar. suavnr. G¢°*°¤”*¤**S¤”°¤‘· For geologic surgéys in the various portions of the United States; {Z§§;$§,{%€,Y_i1“"°‘ To pay Damel E. rlliard for geological field work and compilation necessary to the publication of the ower, North Dakota, geological folio, for the fiscal years nineteen hundred and four and nineteen hundred and five, respectively, four hundred dollars. _ The accounting officers of the Treasury Department are authorized $,2**;,%*; E, $$2;,,,, and directed to credit in the accounts Philip S. Smith, assistant geologist, United States Geological Survey, special disbursing agent, the sum of four hundred and fifteen dollars in public funds pertaining to the appropriation ‘for the continuation of the investigations of the mineral resources of Alaska, fiscal ears nineteen hundred and ten and nineteen hundred and eleven, lost while engaged in the lawful discharge of his official work on the twenty-second day of July, nineteen hundred and ten, in crossing the Kogoluktuk River, a tributary of the Kubuk, in northern Alaska, through no fault or negligence on the part of said Philip S. Smith.