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SIXTXZFIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 240. 1911. 1317 To enable the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House *'*"’“E,,,“’,,°,,°‘**'¤ PW of Representatives to gay to the officers and em loyees of the Senate i>(l<>;g:•- ml emand ouse borne on the annual. and session rolls on the first da of February, nineteen hundred and eleven, including the Ca itol ohce, the official re§>rters of the Senate and House, and Smith, Congressional ecord clerk, for extra services during the third ession of the Sixty-first Congress, a sum equal to one month’s pay at the compensation then paid them by law, the same to be immediately avai able. . . For additional amount for the expenses of the joint commission ,,°‘f,‘5{'{‘,Q,"Q,§§§.g,,‘; °“ created by the urgent deficiency appropriation Act approved August Aw. p- 126- fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, to inquire into rates of premium for bonds of officers or en;-ployees of the United States, including all geplessary expert, cleric , and other personal services, two thousand o ars. ~ Housn or anrnnsnnrarrvns. ,,§£‘;‘§?° °fR"*"°“°'“' To pay the widow of W. P. Brownlow, late a Representative from f,"éy’}0B$,§{,';}°"· the State of Tennessee, seven thousand five hundred dollars. · ` To pay the widow of S. L. Gilmore, late a Re resentative from the *f;a’,:·,§Q,'¥,}§,’$; State of Louisiana, seven thousand five hundred) dollars. ` To pay the widow of C. Q. Tirrell, late a Representative from the §;§;§§°d§;, State of Massachusetts, seven thousand five hundred dollars. ` To pay the widow of W._ W. Foulkrod, late a Representative from §,",;,“,Q;§g°],'*°§,’j’**· · the State of Pennsylvania, seven thousand five hundred dollars. . To pa the widow of Joel Cook, late a Representative from the {,‘;*§§,°;,§_;0w_ State of Pennsylvania, seven thousand five hundred dollars. — ‘ ‘ r ‘ < To ay the legal heirs of Amos L. Allen, late a Representative ,§;';°{0*;eé*_{,*‘§‘éi,_ from the State of Maine, seven thousand Eve hundred dollars. Comm, amiga For allowance to the following contestants and contestees for ¤x1>¤¤¤¤¤- expenses incurred in contested—electiqn cases as authorized and recommended by the Committees on Elections: To Hemy C. Warmouth, one thousand six hundred and eighty- m§,f,}{’>’ °· W**'· five dollars and twenty cents; To Jose h F. O’Connell, two thousand dollars; ~‘°°"P*‘ *"·°'°°¤¤°**· To J. Mitchell Galvin, two thousand dollars; ·'·*‘**°*‘°** 6******- To Albert Estopinal, two thousand dollars; ·***’°'**?**°P*¤•*· To John A. Smith one thousand two hundred and sixty-two dollars; ·*°*“* A-5********- To Edwin Yates Webb, one thousand four hundred and forty-one *°=*’·'*“ *'·*¢¤ WebbdoHars and sixt -four cents; To John M. lgarsons two thousand dollars; "°“'{M‘P"“°"" To Edwin W, Saunders, two thousand dollars; E°‘"“ w‘S°““"°"* In all fourteen thousand three hundred and eighty-eight dollars and eightydlour cents. or miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select com- ,,§,f,§f§§_"‘¥“°°““ mittees exclusive of salaries and labor, unless specifically ordered by the House of Representatives, twenty thousan dollars. For fuel and oil for the heating apparatus, five thousand dollars, *°“""“‘“ °*'· For expert, clerical, and stenograp ic services, to be disbursed by ,c§S}"°"· °‘°··“"‘ the Clerk of the House on vouchers approved by Representative Oscar W'. Underwood, and to continue available during the fiscal yieiair nineteen hundred and twelve, seven thousand five hundred o ars. Printing and binding may be done, in matters pertaining to the . *";g*‘,Qg **¤** *·*¤**· tariff, at the Government Printing Office until January first, nineteen mg { "mmim hundred and twelve, on the requisition of Representative Oscar W'. U'?f1“'“`°°€` 1. si al fd t .1 1. 1. oreim urset eo ci re rterso e atesan thesteno ers <>*!*¤‘¤* ¤*¤¤¤¤¤ to committees on the rolls pgn February twenty-second, igilizliteen a¤1il§t:a¤;)egillii·i];5` hundred and eleven, for moneys actually expended by them for S8740°—vox. 36. rr 1-11--85