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318 srxrrrrnsr coNcrzEss._ sw. 11. cs. 174. 1910. and for repairs of steam—heating and coal-conveying apparatus, grates, stoves, heaters, ranges, furnaces, and mica, thu·ty thousand dollars; For as pipes, gas and electric fixtures, electric lamps, telephone and liggtin supplies, lamp—posts, gasometers and retorts, and annual re airs of the same, six thousand ve hundred dollars; _ lhor fuel for cadets’ mess hall, shops, and laundry, ten thousand dollars; m”'*¥°m, “"’ ‘°‘* For tage and tel ms, three hundred and seventy-five dollars; S¤¤<>¤err· For iszztionery, naggggrz Blank books, paper, envelopes, quills, . steel pens, rubbers, erasers, encils, mucilage, wax, wafers; fo ders, fasteners, rules, Hles, ink, i&stands, typewriters, typewrrting slugplies, omce furniture, penholders, tape, desk knives, blotting p , and rubber bands, two thousand dollars; _ ’1`¤¤¤=v¤¤•¤°¤· For transportation of materials, discharged cadets, and for ferrrages, and for trans rtation of first class of ca ets to and from Gettysburg battlefield, Vlfistervliet Arsenal, and Sandy Hook proving grounds, and for expenses of officers detailed to accompany cadets on these _ tri , three thousand dollars; _ P“"“”$· Eiinting: For printing and binding, type, materials for office, m- clud' repairs to motor and machinery, diplomas for graduates, annriiif registers, blanks, and monthly reports to parents of cadets, twi; thousand dollars; t hl be d_ ml or one typesetf or ypecasf mac `ne, to imme 13 y available, three thoxgand seven hurlfd€*ed dollars; For furniture, shelving for paper stock, and contingencies, necessariy in the new building, six hundred dollars; _ _ _,}’;*;‘,'t§§‘é',‘;f§’,§,§’§,§j or department of cavalriy, artillery, and infantry tactics: Tan 1¤¤rr.v¤•¤¤¤¤ bark or other proper cover or riding all,_to be purchased in o n (rpsifket upon written order of the superintendent, nine hun§d o ars; For camp stools, camp and office furniture, and repairs to same; for door mats for cadet arracks, sinks, and guardhouse; for stationery, typewriting supplies and repairs, for use of instructor and assistant instructors of tactics; for books and maps, binding books, and mounting maps; for silk and worsted sashes for cadet officers and acting officers; for furniture, curtains, and rugs for cadet reception room, one thousand four hundred and forty-five dollars; _,£,§}‘;‘e';f'*“‘“· °‘°·• Gymnasium and athletic supplies: For re airs, new machines, athletic supplies and fixtures for gymnasium; ¥or foils, masks, belts, fencing gloves, fencing jackets, gaiters, sabers, and repairs; for repairs and im rovements to dressing rooms, platform, and swimming tank, three tliiousand five hundred dollars; For repairs to saddles, bridles, purchase of leather, curb chains, bits, stirru&s, and so forth, and to eep the same in repair, two hundred and ty dollars; For purchase of carbons and for repairs and maintenance of searchliggt for coast artillery night practice, one hundred and twenty-five dollars: - For construction of obstacles on new cavalry chill grounds and prgparing ground in vicinity of same, one hundred dollars; N¢wzr¤¤¤¤¤i¤¤¤- or furnishing and equipping the new gymnasium and running track with apparatus, mac ines, appliances, fixtures, mattresses, measuring apparatus; furniture for erecting same; and for gymnastic ana athletic supplies; to be immediately available, seven thousand dollars; For furnishing) the new fencing armo with fencing strips; for foil, saber, and ayonet racks; mask anldyjacket closets; furniture; and for foils, sabers, blades, masks, gloves, fencing jackets and shoes; and for repairs; to be immediately available, two thousand dollars;