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 SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 385. 1910.

i _ Congress, seven hundred and iiftg dollars each, and to John J. Cameron two hundred and forty dollars; m all, seven thousand seven _ hundred and forty dollars. owe cuba-:. To pay George Gilbert for extra work on bills, calendar, and reports, s° °°°‘ one thousand two hundred dollars. _ crmragnwxmma To pay Charles L. Williams, messenger in minorrty room, for extra S°'"°°“‘ services, one thousand two hundred dollars. _ J.C.Stew1u’t. To pay J. C. Stewart for caring for and regulating the House chro- S°"*°°”‘ nometer, one hundred dollars. _ _ _ commmeeou com- For janitor for room of the Committee on Cornage, Weights and '“§"g§%,_ Measures during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven, seven hundred and twenty dollars. _ _ commmee on rm- To pay the assistant clerk of the Committee on Foreign Afiarrs

m,,,k_ additional compensation during the fiscal year mneteen hundred and

eleven, four hundred dollars. _ committee em xx- To continue until the beginning of the third session of the Sixty- P‘?,§—X¥‘,“,fg‘f'· N"’?°` first Congress the em loyment of the clerk of the Committee on CMM mmm- Eippenditures in the Navy Department, six hundred and twenty-Eve · dollars. . mm inner. To pay Edwin Miller for services as assistant in Committee on Enrolled Bills, fifty-four dollars. ` roraiagrpeeenm. For folding speeches, to continue available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven, three thousand dollars. ° consume ereeuoa For allowance to the following contestants and contestees for °"°`““°‘· expenses incurred in contested election cases, as audited and recommended by the Committees on Elections: .s.r·.1>mne•¤. To A. P. Proileau, one thousand five hundred dollars; eangeararue. To Geoglge S. Legare, one thousand five hundred dollars; nrrmeaamam. To R. . Richardson, one thousand five hundred dollars; A.1··.r.¤ve:. To A. F. Lever, one thousand five hundred dollars; mfmhm D- ·’¤mi*> To William D. Jamieson, two thousand dollars; J.`c.1»aaem¤.» To J. C. Patterson, six hundred dollars; in all, eight thousand six hundred dollars. _ ulgudgiérpunumnm PUBLIC PRINTING AND BINDING. oemuexpensa. For the public printing, for the public binding, and for paper for the public iprinting, inclu in(g the cost of printing the debates and proceedings o Congress in the onggoessiona Record, and for lithographing, mapfpmg, and_en(graving for th Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court 0 the Umte States, the su reme court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the Lihrary of Congress, the Executive Office, and the departments; for salaries, compensation, or wages of all necessary employees; for rents, fuel, gas, electric current, gas and electric fixtures, and ice; for bicycles, horses, wagons, and harness, and the care, driving, and subsistence of the same, to be used only for official purposes, includingithe purchase, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles for o cial use of the omcers of the Government Printing Office when in writing ordered by the Public Printer; for freight,_ expressage, telegraph and telephone service; for furniture, typewriters, and carpets; for travelin expenses, stationery, postage and advertising; for adding and numierrn machines, time stamps, and other machines of similar character; For repairs to machinery, rmlplements, and buildings; for other necessary contingent and mis; ce aneous 1l'•€H1S authorized by the Public Printer; and for all the necessary materials needed in the prosecution of the work one hundred and sixty-three thousand five hundred dollars; and, from the sard sum printing and binding shall be done by the Public Printer to th; amounts follovgintg, réespectively, namely; °°“8'°°* or rmting an in ing for Co ess, includ` the ro d`

 delhates, one hundred and twlegity-six thouixlagiid dollanglw Almgd