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SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 440. 1910. 869 ‘ thereto between the mainland at a int suitable to the interests of navigation at or near Cedar Point andxl)auphin Island, both Little and Big, situated in Mobile County, State of Alabama, in accordance with the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construc- V¤1·=M.p.84. tion of bridges over navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nigeteen hiigdregh and six. h nc. 2. at e consent of (,0 ress is ereby given that the said “"**y'°¤ md ¤°¤¤ ‘ company may build and maintain giiiarves and docks from Little Dau- in D° pm Bay' °m` phin Island, also from Bi§aDauphin Island, into the waters ad`acent thereto, namely, Mobile y, Dauphin Bay, Mississippi Sound, and the Gulf of Mexico, at such points and in accordance with such plans as may be recommended by the Chief of Engineers and approved by the Secretary of War. Sec. 3. That the consent of Congress is hereby further iven that B:>¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤1>¤¤p¤i¤ the said compang may build, construct, or dredge a channel from the Yau ' (legs waters of ob` e Bay up to and into Dauphin Bay, cutting or - dr ging that certain portion of Dauphin Island necessary to construct a straight channel from the prog: and most convenient int · or (points in said deep waters of Mobile y to and into Dauphinlgay; ‘ an that the consent of Congress is also given that the said company may construct or dredge a basin to the fu l extent of Dauphin Bay or any part thereof, said bay lying between Little Dauphin and Big Dauphin islands; and that it may use the dredged material in filling, Reemmingimm. constructing, and reclaiming lands on or adjacent to Little Dauphin and Big Dauphin islands and that it may deposit same at other points which will not interfere with or endanger navigation: Provided That {Wg;] b ww the location, depth, width, and extent of said channel and basin shall be tsrypgs wu, ele. ~ subject to the approval of the Chief of Engineers and the Secretary of VVar, and until approved IZ them the work of construction shall not be commenced: And provi d further, That no portion of said dredged mD;l;:{* 0* d¥¤¤¢¤¤ material shall be deposited in any navigable water until the place of ` deposit has been improved by the Chief of Engineers and the Secretary of War, and e deposit of said material in navigable waters shall at all times be subject to the control of said Chief of Engineers and Secretary of War. Sec. 4. That this Act shall not be construed as authorizing the noygwgw. swinvasion or impairment of the legal rights of any other person or ` corporation, nor as conferring any right, power, or privilege in coniiict with, nor any infringement of, the laws of the State of Alabama; nor as authorizing the use or occupancy of any portion of the Fort ron cme new- Gaines Military Reservation, excerpt in such manner as may be spe- “§*,‘Q“,:,,,,,,m,,,,,_ ciiically recommended by the Chic of Engineers and approved by the Secretar of War. Sec. sl That the Act approved February fifth, nineteen hundred and bigrgggvgpggvbgg six, entitled “An Act to authorize the Mobile Railway and Dock cuiiqanyrepesied. Company to construct and maintain a bridge or viaduct across the 3** P' 1°· ‘°‘ waterlbgtween the end of Cedar Point and Dauphin Island," is hereby · re a e . Slice. 6. That the consent hereby given shall be considered as with- m'£1i¤¤¤ <>f ¢<>¤¤=¤¤<> drawn and deemed to be revoke i actual construction of the work ' described in sections two and three hereof be not commenced within two years and completed within five years from the date of the approval of 'this Act. geo, 7 , That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby A¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- expressly reserved. Approved, June 25. 1910. 88740°——vo1. 36, rr 1—1l——--57