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1014 SIXTY-SECOND concnnss. sm 111. Cnet 160-162. me. he shall call to his assistance to hear and determine the my application two other judges: Provided, however, That one of such j,,§;,_ °°‘°i°”' °' thee judges shall be a justice of the Supreme Court, or a circuit duzigw 5**** °*”· 'udge. Said application shall not be heard or determined before at least ive days notice of the h has been given to the governor and to the attorney general of the State, and to such other_persons as may be defendants in the suit: Provided, That if of opimon that irreparable los or damage would result to the complainant unless a temporary restraining order k granted, any justice. of the Supreme m‘T•;¤rg§.;•g*F,l;;F:nP; Court, or any circuit or district judge, may grant such temporary a-repmmeiee. restraining order at any time before such hearing and determination mi nl tu of the application rgor an interlocutory énjunctgn, biltlsulph [tempo- <>¤=¤_¤v¤¤ resrammg_ oershallremammorceo un'teearmg °' dum $d0t0l'Q.\DBt10D of the appgcation for an integlocutory injunction m,,"°°°°°”°° upon notice as aforesaid. e hearing upon such application `for r an mterlocutory xngauincgcénlgxall givgn precheglence and dlslgall lb; in every; way expedi assigned or a ring at ea `est - prachcabedayaftertheexp1ra` ti fthe ti h 'bef ,.,..¤····. .,:.z·:·*·····~ vided :9,. A,. ,,.,...1 matgabe ari?} Tam, S35.? s,?,€?.?‘;,, 3Z$,,‘Z'.‘Ii my N www the United States from order granting or denying, after notice i;_::x°%n ii and sixl:t£rlocn;;>l•;r_¥i1;11;iunction infaucthhcase. It is further , provi ore hearing o su a tion ’t shall have been brought in a court of e State hazing judsdiczidxn thereof under the laws of such State, to enforce such statute or order, -;‘2;°Z’..“%.¥’°°‘°°'.'.i’ “ ““"*‘“ “`£ §l“teruunw °"“'Z,°’ "’¥°°°d},“g“ ’1"‘%§? "iil or o er pending e a on o suc sm —su State court, all proceedings in anyeourt of theUnitedStates to restrain the execution of such statute or order shall be staigd u1{h'¤·=:aL¤::_ gn gugl; Enal determination of such suit in the courts of r tate. uch mma ’ stay may be vacated upon proof made after hearing, and notice of tenudaysstserved upon thetattorney generalff tht; State, that the suit in e atecourtsisno being' prosecu wi dihgen" cean good faith." Approved, March 4, -1913. was mw dm- *°*·;;·::$ .1: mz, %:,m,,.‘··= °°*··*·‘·,..s#., .,..·-ur.; ·¤~·· ·*·· [Public, No. IM.] ,. , Y Be·it enactedbyt7•e»Sevnateo1adH` R eaentatioee theU·ni¢ed ·%i;:&3»v€Zpd£¤; States ofAmq-ico in Oo-agrees qomngllfd, %atPt'he time for gnmmencing ,,,,3*-,,,,,,.,,,,I!_,,,_, and completing the construction of the bridge authorized by the Act gg m:°¤g,·ym·g_¤·j of Congress approved august tenth, mneteen lnmdred and eleven, KY Y • am, p. is. to built across the Missouri River at or near the town of Weldon Springs Landmg, m the State of Missouri, is hereby extended to one ~····¤·=·····-·- ’°§'.§"3 mm Zr°.?2“,;,r"€”t‘1?°.‘f,L‘“’.m.,‘ "°".l "‘“° °,,£‘ “E3'? 3""%°" b . . , orre expressly reserved. ’ c is Bm y Approved, March 4, 1913. gzfhlkljpu 3:%;-An Act To •uthqri¤éa1°tl§•;"•i·on1;¤uction of a bridge acres the Mis- ,__,_;____ . 111 o . [Public, No. M7.) Be ite1•aetedl>yt7g¢Sc1¤¤!e¤1ndHouseofRe ntativeaefthe United mlm, qy America rp Uwlqreeajvtevnbled, 'lgtwthe county commism¤¤.,¤yua;. moners of Beltrami County m the State of Minnesota be and they are hereby, authorised to construct main in ’ ’ . , ta , and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across tl · { Rive,. at hands apointeuitableto theiuterestsofnavigationiuorixiearsection