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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 74,75. 1912. 8]. Sec. 3. That all timber must be cut and removed from the ark R°¢¤l***°¤**°*¤¤*· under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Inteliior, u°"mh°m°m' and any amage winch may result to the roads or any part of the park in consequence of the cutting and removal of the timber from the reservation shall be borne by the owners of the patented lands, and bond satisfactory to the Secretary of the Interior must be given for the payment of such damages, if any, as shall be determined by the Setéretary eaffithetgntggor. f h In sd { sc. 4. at e retaryo the teriorma alsosell and rmit ° ° the removal of such matured or dead or down tigiber as he ma;$leem mq mmm wt necessary or advisable for the protection or improvement of the park, and the proceeds derived therefrom shall be deposited and covered mto the reasury as miscellaneous receipts. Approved, April 9, 1912. cxar. 7e.-in Act ro rovide sou ax u whi 6 t , A im for other purposes. p pon t phosphorus ma ches and [ 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represent41tives of the United States of America in 0(Wlgl'888 assembled, That for the purposes of this ,§,2‘.,,°,',{,§,"{,°,L"'“" Act the words "wh1te p osphorus" shall be understood to mean the Meuunsqg ··wm¢» common fpoisonous white or yellow phosphorus used in the manu- "°°°"h°""‘ facture o matches and not to include the non isonous forms or the 'nonpoisonous compounds of white or yellow plim horus. Sec. 2. That every manufacturer of whrteoghosphorus matches *,**1, °3tg_*;;g;n: shall register with the collector of internal revenue o the district his mum. ceumsr. name or style, place of manufactcgy, and the place where such business is to be carried on; and a f ure to register as herein provided P°°‘m ‘°' fmm and required shall subject such person to a penalty of not more than five hundred dollars. Eveig manufacturer of white phostpgorus ¤£;°°’°¤°° °' °°"` matches shall file with the co ector of internal revenue of the trict in which his manufactory is located such notices, inventories, and bonds, shall keep such books and render such returns in relation to the business, shall put u such signs and affix such number to his factory, and conduct his liuusiness under such surveillance of officers and agents as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, may, by re%1lation, require. The bond required of such manufacturer s all e with °°“· sureties satisfactory to the collector of internal revenue and in the pgnal sum of not less than one thousand dollars; and the sum of said nd may be increased from time to time and additional sureties required at the discretion of the collector or under instructions of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Sec. 3. That all white phosphorus matches shall be packed by the ha"" '°"°l'°°' manufacturer thereof in packages containing one hun , two hundred, five hundred, one thousand, or one thousand five hundred matches each, which shall then be {packed by! the manufacturer in packages containing not less than ourteen thousand four hundred mdmatches, and upon white phosphorus matches manufactured, sold, T“‘° or removed there shall be levied and collected a tax at the rate of two cents per one hundred matches, which shall be repressnted by adhesive stam , and this tax shall be paid by the manufacturer thereof, who shallpiiflix to every package containing one hundred, two hun- S‘°"'P"°"°‘“’°“· dred, five hundred, one thousand, or one thousand five hundred matches such stamp of the required value and shall place thereon the initials of his name and the date on which such stamp is affixed, so Pam! fm_mM_¤_ that the same may not again be used. Every person who fraudu— cgling ,tZmp5_ lently makes use of an adhesive stamp to denote any tax imqpsed by this section without so effectually canceling such stamp sha forfeit