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RESOLUTIONS. o. 1.] Joint Resol is A thorizin of Deeem ne¤em¤•¤11,1¤u

s;°o;d:l;e Sgnftgmtdllomegol omfmudwgg _ ._.[‘;;"‘·;;*:u

Reeobvedbyth¢Senateav1dE0uee R tati théUited States of America in Corigeec asaan%d,%l::"the zéaecqritary oil the ¤¤¤¢m¤l¤ml em- Senate and the Clerk of e House of Representatives be, and they °{•Z‘¤°°$°’.&.°i¤ii.° {nu; ‘ are hereby, authorized and directed to pay the officers and employees $°;,,,'{‘,,,,‘§,,'j‘ '°°°' of the Housfehgfcgepreiseutatives, borne on the annual and session ro lllbudlhgl pito lice,their respecti sala f the month oi December nineteen Edndred and twelve,v:n thencfiy gl adpurnment for the holiday recess; and that the Clerk of the House ,__§*‘¤¥dw •¤ ¤¤¤— of Representatives is authorized to pa on the said da Members and m °°_° Delegates their allowance for clerk for the month of Decem r. ~ Approved, December 17, 1912. .2.J'Resol' t.h"thSecre - _ a'$l{.’.d £.m{’3£°t. tt. .‘i?.¥.'; 2.31 §§‘$y“’t..i..§, ¤ee°3‘§’a%£.°Z?'1L“1£.€}T'“ ’ °‘”‘ i*f?'€i‘% Resolved by qa swam and Home %R'i£rammme» of the United {P“”°'””“ “’ States tj America in Congress asaemb , at the Secretary of War U§{,'§’ "‘° N"' is hereby authorized to deliver to the order of Charles H. Baxter, first d°‘Lf&%*•° <*¤¤°¤ vice gmresident of the Army and Navy Union, United States of America, ' one mounted bronze cannon used in the Civil War, to be used by the Arm and Navy Union for the purpose of furnishing official bad? ol, the order: Provided, That no expense shall be caused to the nited States through the delivery of sa1d condemned cannon. Approved, January 24, 1913.

3%0%\;l.1:;l!;   $40,000 for expenses of inquiries and _ F;:;;?%§§_°t;?i X

Roled theSenat ndHoueoR ese1ztativesof theUnited Stat; 0} Ag!/erica in Codgzess msembleit, Kt there is hereby appro- "“‘°°· printed, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, th f ll wing` m: ih; egrpensgdl of inquiries and investigations ordered by the Sonata i..$§lZ3.‘§."'l‘..‘{l°?I...§i’.$ includ' compensation to stenographers to committees, at such rate s»¤¤¤-·- as mambo fixed by the Committee to Audit and Control the Cont.m· gent gx enses of the Senate, but not exceeding $1.25 per printed page, toibe immediately available, $40,000. Approved, January 27, 1913. [No. §,] Joint Resolution To provide for_the pxglgic order and the -¥§¤¤;erl{£·£1?— &'§I,€§§’§’,§‘ .$£,L‘5§’e§“£’¤£3“..d’°'¤¤°’d“¤e€?t’2‘;§?“°“ ’" " "'°“ °“ “‘°“g'“" °°“’ tm. B...,N.. M, R Z ed the Senate and House Re eaentatives of the United _ Sta¢ee;0o3·' Agzyerica in Congress assémboéd, 'liiiat $23,000, or so much b,Q““"°‘ °‘ °°‘“m· thereof as may be necessary, payable from any money in the Treasury m;sig;;ema4;;1:_o¤(§ pg not otherwise appropriated an from the revenues of the District of uc 0,,,% mmm, Columbia in equal parts, is hereby appropriated to enable the Com- °°*¤¤°¤*== 1021