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102 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 97. 1912., _' Pu'Hea1th, tedb the`te tionalammgei.:e?1(t °:t0{tomla?hl$)wember°mth, hmmiilred and seven, in pursuance of article one hundred and eight -one of the_International Sanitary Convention signed at Paris onlkoember third, runeteenhundred andthree, three thousand two cents. . mwnaxamouan smsuonoercu. assoownox. mia-masse sen- F def ‘ thang; expe ' fulii]11ng' theobligationsof aww A"°°h` the (Uxiitexdsglslagtes as a melegber oimiliemlntemahonal Seisniologncal Assodation, including the annual contribution to the expenses 0 the asociation and the of the United States delegate m attend- %1the meetings of commisdon, one thousand three hundred ars. aanrmauon or ou·rs·ram>me rncumamr onams nrrwmmw mm unrrnn s·ra·rzs um cans: annum. BM ¤-M¤¤¤·=· F the f the bitrati f tstan pecumary‘ claims @& mm betvggen the nited0Sta dfGr;)1iaI1l$‘;)Bgl]ain, ind1:fcord:nce ?1e P¤•tr·1¤ spam`;] gggggugnt t ugus n mneteen undred aiiiiilteiix andmthe schgdunigszf claims teligreunder: · including oice rent in the of Columbia, and the compensation of arbitrator, umpire agent, counsel, clerical and other assistants, to be ded under the direction of the Secretary of State, and to be

ely available, fifty thousand dollars.

mrxaxauoxsn ooxsnnss or urarmm nn nmmaxarn. ¥¤¤¤¤=·¤·>¤·! my To enable the Govemment of the United States suitably to part';t‘;§.‘}.£$i°"° "‘ aspen in the mama memsomi Congress or Hygiene and v°‘·“·““'*· Demogra hy which is to be held at the city 0 Washington, District of Columbia, in nineteen hundred and twelve, in ursuance of the invitation. extended by the President of the United States in virtue of the joint resolution of the Congress thereof, approved February twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and seven, and to meet the expenses that will actually and necemanly incurred by the United States by reason of auch invitation and meeting, forty thousand dollars. rnaunmrr mizanauoxax. oomtcu. mn mn nxrnoaxrxon or nm su: dpygrgexwnrvgugi For the Pro rata share of the United States in the administrative me ss., P expenses o the Permanent Intemational Council for the loration of the Sea in the interests of the commercial fisheries fivlzxilhotnsand nine hundred and fifty-si; dollars; for the necessary egensespf an expert official re rqentatnve 111 attendance at the annu meeting of the council andlgilencaldand o connected with the investigations one thousand tw ; all, tho d om hundred me Efty-six din;. “‘ °°"°" “"“‘ m·r¤a¤a*¤01nr. aanrorrznmosarsrc ¥¤g·g¤=¤¤¤·¤% F thexpensesfxpertd testo theln ’nalRadi iii$r:L¤e;“f:£ c° p(l;ict£3nfer§n<€iei;}¢;t:)> be l&e ndon in J ntiinlgjlxiliiieteen li; · ‘ an ve, ve usau 0 and for the a nt of the share0ftheUnitedStatesin thenecess’ ` iis; of ;heB°1Eo egr;phic mg slvgn ureau a qjndmd 0]],,,- · all, five thousand mnellmndred dollars, agailable. m