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104 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. St. II.- Cus. 97, 98. 1912. ` ¤¢¢¤*¤¢1>*'¤¤*·· P yin' g for the kee ing and feeding of prisoners in China Chosen mm. Siairii, and Turkey, nline thousand dollars: Proerded, That,no_more "“"“°‘°°“‘ than fifty cents per da for the keep1§ and of each {risoner while actually coninedv shall be allow or paid for any such and feeding. This is not to be understood as covering cost of m c attendance and medicines when required by such prisoners.

        • 1*- °'°~· mm- Rent of prison for American convicts in Turkey, and for wages of ·

kee ers of the same, one thousand dollars.

    • 1**- °¤°•°°· · Vgages of prison keeper in Chosen, six hundred dollars. In all,

fifteen thousand dollars. · _ , numr arm rn0·rmc·n0N or AMERICAN annum. ,},f,’§:L’ °* “""“" Relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries, and shipwrecked American seamen in the Territoéy o Alaska, m the Hawaiian Islands, Porto Rico, the Panama anal Zone, and the . Philippine Islands, twenty thousand dollars. . ronmeu HOSPITAL ar cnn Town. ~ c_*:f§.*$¤"°"”'l· Annual contribution toward the su rt of the Somerset Hospital ` (a foreign hosgital), at Cay Town, Eg; dollars, to be paid by the Secretary of tate upon e asurance that seamen and

of the United States will be adrnittedto the privileges of sand

ospr . - . szaunrfs msururn AT roam. K§§;_'“""' “"'”"°'· Contributions toward the support of the Seamerfs Institute at Kobe, to be paid by the Secretary of$State upon the assurance that relief will be afforded by the said mstrtute to mdigent American sem men, twenty-Eve dollars. oosrnrcmxrr mxrnxsns, Uxrrmn srams CONSULATES. °°‘“'°*'°‘“°"’°“’°'· Expenses of rovidm§' all such stationery. blanks, record and other commu books, seals, priesses, ags, signs, rent (allowance for rent- not to exceed in any case thirty per centum of the o$cer’s salary), postage, furniture, including typewriters and exchange of same, statistics, newspapers. freight (foreign and domestic), telegrams, advertising, messenger service, traveling expenses of consular officers and consular assistants, compensation of C inese writers, loss by exchange, and such other miscellaneous expenses as the President ma think necessary for the several consulates and consular agencies in the transaction of their business. four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Approved, April 30, 1912. *

 OSH?}.  amengan act enti;.:ed "Anhggxt tto incrpaee the limit of

———j1-if C 0 Il IC , lll Q ° , ' - lP“l’“°· N°· 1‘°·l ings, to the and c0m0;`il?’tion°ol,‘:;ln(iblic l;u§cli;g:f:dll)lf§rbd`fli2¢ P¤¥P¤¤¤•· _Be it enactedbyt}ieS¢nate GTVIHORS R cntati the United {§§‘§§$,“,}.{§‘,;n,,, of America in Congress assernbl5d(:fTl;ri,{c:he lastjcrlirgifviso of secmgvgglme •¤¤ tmp twenty, chapter thu-ty-nine hundred and sixteen, Th1rty-tou;·th V¤1-••»1>·M- United $¤l»l¢6§ Shtvtes at Large, "An Act to increase the limit of cost of certain ubhc buildings, to authorize the purchase of sites {E: go arglhorrze the erectisn agligh completion of an oro er urpcses"an w' rovisoreads asp follows: jitrtlier, That upbn the complication of the