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PUBLIC ACIS AND RESOLUTIONS. xv Pass Reclsnmcion entries. An Act Providing for patents on reclamation entries, and for other purposes. August 9, 1912 . 265 Right of way, Fort Rodman, Mau. An Act To authorize the construction and maintenance oi a sewer pipe upon and across the Fort Rodman Military Reservation st New Bedford, Massachusetts. August 9, 1912 .. . . .,,,.,,,,_, 261 Public lands, enlarged homestead A11 Act. To amend section three of the Act of Congrem approved Max fourteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty (Twenty-first Statutes at Inge, fx}? one hun and forty). August 9, 1912 . . . 267 New City post ojioc, easement under. An Act To permit the construction of a subwn and the maintenance of a. railroad under the post-office building at or near Park Place, in tie city oi New York. August 9, 1912 . 268 Publi: building Perth Ambois NZ J'. An Act Providing for the sale of the United States unused A poet-office site at Pertl émboy, New gersgy. 9, 1912 .. ..i. . ih. ... i 269 ppropriotimu, rn epartmml. n ct g s pro rintious or e epartment 0

 or the tlscsl yenr ending June thirtieth, ningteerf hundred and thirteen. August

, 1 .. . 269 Bridge, Missouri River. An Act To authorize the Great Northern Railway Company to construct a bridge scrum the Missouri River. August 10, 1912 . .. 302 Fort Gram lands to Arizona. An Act Authorizing the State of Arizona to select lands within the former Fort Grsnt Military Reservation an outside of the Crook National Forest in Kurtis! gtizifggion of its grunt for State charitable, penal, md reformstory institutions. ugust. 30 , ... 2 Radio communication. An Act To regulate mdio communication. Au§1st 13, 1912. ._ . 302 Publeb Health Service. An Act To change the name of the Public enlth and Marine-Hnssital Service to the Public Health Service, to increase the pay of officers of mid service, an for other August 14, 19],2 ..,...,. . ., 309 Fort Auirm '1w,1l{¢mt., buildirga, dc. An Act Authorizin the Secretary of the Interior to sell to the count; of Hill, in e State of Montana, the building and fixtures now upon the ixgiszndoned crt Asinniboine Military Reservation, in the Stem of Montana. August 14, 309 Fart W H. Roots, firb., lands. A.u Act To convg to the Big Rock Stone and Construction mpiny s pmirguogg the military reservation Fort Logan H. Roots, in the State of Arknn- 3 sas, ugust , 1 .. . ..., 10 Brhige, Hiasianppi River. An Act To authorize the Moline-Bettendorf Bridge Comrpnuy voconstruct efridglg acres the Miaissippi River between Moline, Illinois, md Bettendo , Iowa. August 1 , 19 . ... . .. 310 Fort Kel! , Hd., raeruation. An Act To perpetuate and preserve Fort McHenry and the grouentdnsl¢·g’ed therewith as s Government ruervntion under the control of the Secreury of War. August 16, 1912 . . .. _ ... 311 United States oauru, liens. An Act To amend nn Act entitled “An Act to regulate the hens of judg- A ments and decrees oliheiourts of the United States.; éhugust 17,1913. . . . . 311 ppwpriatioru, '. nct 'sp priationsore ent ininn er pensions 0; the United Ststes ending June thmh, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and for other purposes. Au§ust 17, 1912 ... . - .. 311 Customs, Galveston, Ta., An Act o extend the limits of the port of entry of Galveston, Texas, to include Port Bolivar, in that State. Anya: 20, 1912 . ... 3l3 D?•£tedStat¤court:, Tmmsuz An Act To amen section one hundred and seven of the Act entitled “An Act to codify, revise, and amend the hn relating to the judiciary? approved Much third, nineteen hundred and eleven. August 20, 1912 .. 314 Slipping, , etc. An Act To amend sections forty-two hundred and fourteen ond forty- two un and eighteen of the Revised Statute. _ August 20, 1912 ... 315 Nursery neck, etc., rqulatwm. An Act To regulate the 1m ¤ of nurner¥ stock and other plants and plant products; to enable the Secretary of ture to estab ish and mnintgin qusnntine districts for plant diseases and insect pests; to permit and Thu the move- _ ment of fruits, plants, and vegetables therefrom, md for other . ugust 20, 1912. , 315 Gardmcr Greene Hubbard collection. An Act To accept and fund the gglquest of Gertrude M. Hub- _ btrdi August 20, 1912 ... . 319 Publw building, ulpleur Srrings, Tu. An Act To authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to convey to the city of Su phur Springs, Tues, certain land for street purposes. August 2), 1912. . 320 Oregon railroad, etc., lend grunt/orjeiluru. An Act Supplemeuting the joint resolution of Congren gproved April thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eight, anti ed "Joint resolutnon instructing _s Attorney General to instituue certain suits," and so forth. August 20, 1912 320 H0! $prmga, Ark. lo:. An Act Authorizing the city od Hot Springs, Arknuns, to occu y and cou— struct buildings for the use of the fire department of and city on lot numbered block mlrpbpred one hundred and fifteen, in the city of Hot Springs, Arbnms. August 2l, 1912. . 322 Shodmzsnngetion project, Wyoming. An Act Making a grant of lands for school purposes m block

·tf¤l;§¤·e{§)1thirty<>ns, town site of Powell, Shojmni reclamation project, Wyoming. Au- 322

D¤!11c¢Aof Col;{n%igi2Naea.l History Society. An Act To incorporate the Naval History Society. 322 Zum Naiwml Forest, N. Mez. An Act To provide for the exchange of national forest timber in gev Hezzicgécér private lands lying within the exterior limits of the Zuni National Forest. 323 Wtuomm [mq! mam. An Act Granting unsurveyed sud unnttached islands to the State of Wisconsin for forestry purposes. August 22, 191.2 . 324