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126 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 157. 1912. ‘ ted d ad available out of the aggr ate lihiélpindggybldgscz of thdl apglropgiations for constructiophoflwslilliglplr th rotection of Fort Mo tue, Sulhvans Island, Sou M0 y V¤L¤¤=> W agdp in the fortification appropriation Act approved May twenty; ’ l gveiith nineteen hundred and eight;;for the completion of the repair and restoration of batteries and other structures appurtenant to the defenses of Pensacola and retaining walls 1:,0 1parp;’e:tAt§e abagltgggi Vo1.¤,n3¤¤» from floods, made in the fortifica 10D app p_ • { b qgm a Ma twenty-seventh, nmeteen hundred and eight, or m_ _ g se walls for the protection of sites of fcirtiltipagons ;`p;lmpi¢;.stl1l;r::il;l1;nngi 12;; Forts Pickens and M@ee, Pensaco a ai;] 0% h wird Dimtccn vo¤.s¤.1»‘¤•~ fortification ¤·I§PT°P*'”m°“ .A°t‘ °ppr°v°- tt i S’,md other hundred and mne; for repau· and restoratutinlg bf. tg-1; bum and

 slglpigallszllxfl {;l0'0ltg:’»6fO(l'8;)I0t€Cl1;(T)H ofcsilgs of tortiiications
  • ·’<>L=¢—'>·v-¤· d grnion posts made in the fortification a pro nation Act ap—

an g thenth nineteen hundred) an eight; for con- ' S1»r:K30l.(ll01¥:¥S8tN;e3’8%'];8ciG;Db8Dl{H1€Dt, and fill along the front of Fort v,,1_g,p_4gv, Crockett Reservation, Galveston, Texas, made m the sundry civil appr-ofpriation Acts approved ttvggptyx-eighth, rsgftgiegn. lZ:1l;11:1(llk¢;$ votulp-ml zgrlilstrtiillzrtliolincd ge? ::1.11 andtiill ildlrlmrotectigs of the military reservation at Fort Travis, Galveston, 'lzezgas, rnade m the fortdication Vol. ¤6. r- M appropriation Act approved Maxéleh tlurdi nineteen zlglmhlgé; Preserved teetio , on an repair o ortriica mm whiell. lllilgrepi-da berixopsprziirsllaappropdatiou available one hundred y h fyurth of mw! 1-1¤¤¤¤~ and seventy-five thousand dollars, together with the _ er ilmb one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, which is ere y mppmpmd “t*s·%m***“¤b%°.§$ tapes? :.*::..:1* 3:: aggre<ra,_ te une n e ances 0 described undgpifhe foregoing paragraph. ““"· For pre aration of lans for fortifications, five thousand dollars. E‘°°"‘° "”“"‘· For tools, electricafabncd other suipplanls and gplpliagices tp be fur- ` hedb th E artment or euseo e roops ormamlz]:-iining gndgpeiliai-iix(;e1sear¢lihlights and electric light and power plants at seacoast fortifications, forty-five thousand dollars. S“ "'“"· For construction of sea walls and embanlunents, the sum of twenty- “"’ °' °‘°"‘°°" five thousand dollars ip htireby reappggpriated argléixsigi avaxlabile :121- th ses to eaggrega unexpene anceso e apgsnzdvriligigins nliihed and described herein in the paragraph gond- K wm F,. in%for searchluilits for the defenses of our .n0st_1mportant ar _ is, n$$m¤¤z’aezé¤sea efenses of ey West, Florida.--For re zur and restoration of "*°°"""“°°* structures apnurtenant to the defenses of &ey West, Florida, the sum of thirty-sin thousand dollars is hereby reappmpnatod and made available for t}us_purpose out of the agiregate unegrpended balances of the appropriations named and delscribed herein m the paragraph roviding for searchlights for the efenses o our most important. T°"’“°° ”"°°°"°°‘ lzagxi-riiresewation and repair of structures erected for the torpedo defense of the United States, and for maintaining channels for access to torpedo wharves, twenty thousand dollars. sie¤•¤¤¤rv·¤<=¤- mmm: rmc cnmr smuar. ormcmz. ,_§‘,§§;f°""°' *""“‘ For operation and maiutenancepf fire—control installations at seacosst defenses, one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. A¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¢· aaunumwr or ronrrrrcknoxs. ,§;§‘}§§”,§§;,?°'°’"° For the purchase, manufacture, and test of mountain, field, and siege cannon, including their carriages, sights, implements, equip-