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144 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. C1-r. 182. 1912. superintendent of stables, one thousand five hundred dollars; blacksrnitlh, nine hurédred and! suegrrrgnty-£ve dolladrgi; two watchinené 1.3 su un an o ; two vers at six un l "‘*‘°°‘°'°""°°°‘ and- thirty dollar·sT::g; inspector tfugas and motels, two thousand dollars; assistant msgectors of gas meters—one at one thousand gem, tyvodsit nineh undred messiengerghsix hundreg o • rn , one un an t t I tendon"!. erg y thousand our un an dgaggaé ¤¤¤- Mrmronm. aacrn:r·mzr·’s ornca: Municipal architect, whose duty hereafter it shall be to tgaepare or supervise the preparation of lans for and supeuntmd construction of, all municipalbuilrgni, and reparr improvement of bruldmgs belorringrg to the °'“*‘“°° "* °°1‘}“rrl’.“m§i‘..r‘*.Z°'E’?>°‘i“°°§r.‘“‘tr° .Z°{£’°“ °‘.r · 2*% commissioner o o “=·an:_r:·¢&;¤·¤M mm; supqmtuulgdrmtdof mmtiiru\;]3£;i&’t1wpb:Il;ou(;dl¤`ir.h8¢l1d:llxm`:n¤hid , Q tsman one usan en ; afts t ‘ one thousdnd four hundredslllrllarsuhlne at oils thousand thlr?•g dollars; heating, ventilating, and sanit e eer two thousand . , $*7 » dollars; superintendent of repairs, one thousan six hundred dollars; 1"`.;'$”°%“"°'“`”J2»d°f.Z.Zfmma*°°“i’°tLT?.? ‘h’“ri2“‘H§;Y°pl‘““?>’.$dr?£§; 3 °¤*'P¤! » N11 » um » steam fitter, five m all, at one thhusandp two hrmdred dollars each; buss grader, one thousand dollars; cler·ks—one at one thousand and fif dollars, -one at srx hundred and twent dollars; cop t, d t tand foréty diefullars; driver, five liundred and ililsty ¤e·····»···»··= dsreigimam all Silrgor at sm h §‘r.`L‘{. ma?£.l‘g°Z§1£ll‘»€§1 "°'°" “"‘°"· §or mailltgnance oi the mtllzor trudlimolx the sugerintehdent of mem t regairs, four hundred and eighty dollars. ,, """"‘°“ _PEOIAL assassunm : SW';] seem clerk, gh - me sand dollars- clerks—sev(gr!:lJllne ousahl-is two liilirtidred dollilils eailli two at nine hrmdred dollars each, one at seven hundred and fifty doli stmt X di lars; in all, twelve thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars. yhhm *°"""‘ hu§·ra1rm·r e rarvrzrorw: Sumte;1derg,°{.wo thoustind five _ o ; assis an superm en uggmd six hugrdlfsg d¢;l]lla;Es;_ clerk, one thoualand doglnartigegrémhhi nirl)e hun- 0 ; ms to · foreman, one thousandptlicreerhnlhldredodldlldlm; lou; ilrlsujgdlzlgdisdgllhlge thousand two hundred dollars each; four foremen, at one thousand two hundred dollars each- one inspector, one clerk, and eight foremen, atgone theusand eras }l1undred ldollars each; three assistant foremenanmeun o ;tc1ks,d ° {grerhen, at seven hundredagrcllatcwentvgiodohaailrs ealdlr; idvrcerrlfsdétdiig ousand dollars; messenger and dnver, srx hundred dolla1s· fore taiwan of one tholuslglmd tgo hundred dollars; chief clerlr one usan ourrm oars; erk, th dt h , - Lars; stenogragher and clerk, one thorldltfnd glldllealis; irno alinlgrrigjigie mmofmminm thousand one undred and eighty dollars. steam engrnaea. Boaap or mxnmnms, srmau mzemmmas: Three members of board §;;xam1r&r:s mol; steam engineers, at three hundred dollars each, nine Automobileboud. . ‘ Auro : Secre ' mmm mm- buB;9:£B33_zB do or actmgsecretary of the automomnn. mnmm or mstmarwn: S perin d ‘ ,,,.,,,1 thousand five dollars; exldmmertfgnllantthidirslirlsnd seggh illiliig gizdtggllars ztatritrcran, one thousand seven hundred dollars; clerk, usan wo undred dollars; stenographer, seven hundred and