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PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. xxm Page. Bull Run battle-éidd monuments. An Act To protect the monuments already erected on the battle Eggs of ull Run, Virginia, and other monuments that may be there erected. March 3, 1 . . .. , .,.,,,,,,___ 729 District of Columbia, Hampshire Arvmuc. An Act To_pmvide for the extension of New Ham ghuglgvenue, m the District of Columbia, on s straight line, and for other purposes. Marg , 1 . , .. 729 Bridge! Snake River. An Act To provide for e bridge across Snake River, in Jackson Hole, Wyommg. March 3, 1913 .. . .._ , _ 730 United States courts, Pcnnazlvania An Act To amend section one hundred and three of the Act entitled "A.n ct to codify, revise and amend the laws relating to the judicinry," approved March third, nineteen hundred and eleven. March 3, 1913 . ... 730 Publicity in trust An Act Providing for publicity in taking evidence under Act of Jul second enghteeu hundred and ninetg. March 3, 1913 . .. 731 Bnkige, Ozrnogem ihpcr. An Act To authorize the town of Olmnogan, Washington, to construct and maintam_a. bw across the Okanogan River. lhrch 3, 1913 731 Lincoln Hegngnggla by M. Cullom. An Act Relating to supervision of the Lincoln Memorial. , --... . -..·.--... . . 731 Pure food Act, tolqmwu of uzight, etc. An Act T0 amend section eight of an Act entitled "Au Act for preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious foods, drugs, medicines, and liquors, and for regulating tmiiic therein, and for other purposes," approved June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six. S Marc? 3, 1913 . . . . . .. .. 732 - nspectwn, r irmmu: or oyiccrs wm:. ct 0 regulate 0 cermg` and manning of Yeseelgzublect to the inspection laws of the United Stats. March 8: 1913. . 732 Certified checks acceptgdfor pu lic dues. An Act To extend the authority to receive certxiied checks dnvru on national and State banks and trust companies in payment for duties on imports. and internal taxes and all public dues. Much 3, 1913. .. , . .. 733 Corporation uu: penalties. An Act To provide for refund or abatement under certain conditions of penalty taxes imposed by section thirtyeight of the act of August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, known as the special excise corporation-tax law. Much 3, 1913 734 Fmt Brournil geaigiéln Act Authorizing the President to convey certain land to the State of Texas. , .. . . I .. - .. . . . . ... . 734 United States courts, Iowa An Act To amend section eighty-one of the Act entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating to the 'udiciary," approved March third, A nineteen hundred and eleireniiainiligor other pprposesi linrcth h 3, 1913..} . . .. 734 ppmpriatiom, pensions. An ct g a pro nauons or e payment o inva. an other pensions of the United Statm for the gscalpyear ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and for other purposes. March 3, 1913 ..,... 736 Depmnunt of Labor. An Act To create a Department of Labor. March 4, 1913 . 736 Appropriation, legérlatiaae, qucutiwae, and A11 Act Making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending Jnme thirtieth . nineteen hundred and fourteen, and for other purposes. March 4, 1913 ... 739 Ap portal ser-via. An Act Making ap mpriations for the service of the Poet Office partment for the iiscal year ending June 'eth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and for other purposes. March 4, 1918 . . 791 Appropriazimu, rivers and harbors. An Act Making appropriations for the construction, repair, and Kreeergmstion of certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes. lhm 4, I 1 . . 801 Appmpnwona, Department of Agriculture. An Act appropriations for the Department of %x§.lcure or the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen. March 28 , .. . 8 Approprnhtiom, Military Academy. An Act Making appropriations for the support of the Military Academy for the fiscal year ending June thirtietg, gineteen hundred and fourteen, and for _ other purposes. March 4, 1913 . 856 Publu: bmldmgs, mnnfbua Act. An Act To increase the limit of cost of certain public buildings, to guthorize the enlargement, extension, remodeling, or improvement of certain public build- IRQ, to authorise the erection and comtgletion of public buildings, to authorize the purchase ul gntpa for gublic buildings, and for o er purposes. March 4, 1913 ... 866 Apprvprnergwna An Act, Making n tion¤ for the naval service for the fiscal {ear ggiiging Jrune ° , nineteen un and fourteen, md for other purposes. Marc 4, 891 Appfvyrinliovu, dajciem-QQ: · ap ine suppl} Ylehoienciee in appropriations for the fiscal gear nineteen hundrexrand thirteen, and for prior yearn, and for other

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Approprwnom, Dutrid of columbia. An Act. Making appropriations to provide for the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending lame tlumeth, H _ nineteen nundred and fourteen, and for other purposes. March 4, 1913 ... _ 938 D¤¤\¤," register. An Act To provide American register for the steam yuchi DHHS. 1007 Choctaw and C'h1l:bumu wal lense:. An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to lease to U18 Operltorb of coal mine; in Oklahoma additional acreage from the unleased segregated _ °¤•I land of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations. March 4, 1913 ... z ... _ . _. IWW I7¤d|07¤ im f8ufo¤d gram;. An Act For the relief of Indians occupying Nlimld lll!-\d¤ m A-¤· 10113, Nev Hume, or Califernis. March 4, 1913 .. - . ...-- 1007