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16 SIXTY·SECON D CONGRESS. Sus. I. Cas. 9-12. 1911. . ‘ . • h. construction of bridges over navigable waters,” approved Marc _ twenty-third,mnetsenhundredandnx. mkhthhemb _i...i.. ss¤.2.’¤¤Mb¤nghst¤•1¤¤r.•¤¤¤·i»¤*¤‘¤P°¤l Y expressly reserved. Approved, August 14., 1911. - · · Count sfzpgn. io.;-on ss: rs authorise msth ¤:t¤g;¥ rr¤nu.¤¤.m1 Q · · · · and H oft}l•_U•••ted nm Senate masqf the _ of hmmm ’°.°°°° € of theqjeiferson Cziunty ridge district , and theyare hereby, an-

  • "'%°`§ thorised to construct, maintain, and operate a bridgaand approaches

theretoacrossfbeAr sasRiver,atapoint suit: to the interests of ° at or near the city of Pine Bluf, in the county of Jeferson an State of Arkamaainaccordancewith theprevxsionsof the ve1.¤•.s.•s Act entitled "An Act to the construction of bud? over . navigable vatsrs," approv March twenty-third, nineteen undred an-ness:. mg:g.?.1Zhattherighttoaltar,anisnd,ormpealthisActishereby ¤§$ Y ”*°"°d- . - . tonne: rwenwt .Thatth Actentitled“AnActtoaut1no th nstructnon v°"°°‘.:°°' ofab? acros:theArkansssRiveratPineBlr‘u:•li,At’r‘>kti:nsas”approvednmrh Sith, nineteen hundred and six is hereby repealed. `_ Apprercd, August 14, 1911. .sm%-gf N(!EAP.11.-AnA1iFortherelis(of thscityo¢Crawtord, in th•Shtaef . B [Public, Ne. 11.] . . B it enacted ¢heSa•atea~ndH`mneqfR weaof themuted

        • 9 ."*°'°·,,, ,,, Static of in CWIQTQ assembled, y of Crawford,

ny acres me aw in the tate of Nebrask? is hereby granted a right of way across the “"°‘R"°"‘°°"‘ military reservation of crt Robinson, Nebraska, at such location as my be determined by the said city of Crawford approved by the Secretary of War, to construct and maintain a pipe hue for the purpose of carry' water from a point beyond the said military reserva- Previous. . tion across reservation and to the said city of Crawford: Pro- °°"""'°“°"·"‘° vided, That the entire cost of construction and maintenance shall be · paid by the city of Crawford: And prooidedjiwt/sew-, That the pitpe ,,§:‘°'•‘*°" °‘ "“` shall be covered and the surface restored to its present condition y and at the expense of said city of Crawford. ’“"°“*”°“‘· Sm. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is expressly reserved. Approved, August 14, 1911. ‘··1a··.&.i’“· ..,..°,;%?.; i?;;f.‘%.?‘..";§l§.'£;’ ‘.i,i.’?L‘.‘L;,?“..f'?.‘§‘i)£?.?§.‘l‘·.‘2°%°.'I.E1.§".2$“°.?. ‘;1:.‘§§$

 ‘ section six hundred and 6Ity-three o the-Code of Law for the District ot Columbia.

1,,,,,,,, ,, um. B i¢mac¢cdbyth¢Sc1mu ndllouse Re esentaf s the U ited Ma <>¢··¤¤f I 2* Statgaqf in Cqngrcgs asscmblcg Tligt the C?>ileqC>f Iran? for uva M P. lm the Distinct of Columbia be, and the same is hereby, amended by ,m,,,,,d · stnking out section six hundred and fifty-three thereof and msertn in lieuthereof the following: ng HHEAQTH, sccmmrr, sim LIFE msmzaxca coursmns on [ sssocurxons. _¤§••*,$; ,¤•°_§§g§-e "Szc. 653. Every corporation, joint-stock company, or association ¤¤¤;».¤i•u umu- not exemvpt herein, transaeting business in the District of Columbia, emnadedued. ...1:..1. ..,. .,4,- »-·»~»~·¥··——~»- J•··=·~ ·—»· ·—~•~~·¤*M¤••*¤ from its D'7P'“"°’° ""