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370 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Cs. 850. 1912. 'unior messengers, at$360each. specialservice:Thnee

at $1,200 each; porter, $720; junnorhneasanger, $360; in all,

°•*°*¤*¤•- ljrsrnimurnou or cann mnnxns: For service in connection with the distribution of card indexes rnd other publications of the Libriruyi ' dmg’ ntexceedmg` orfre1gh' tchsrges ressage, traveling exlpenses connected with such distribution, °s¥zli,s0o. ‘¤•r¤¤¤•¤·¤¤¤~ _ Tnu>onur_s¤sv1c;s: For special and temporary service, includ-

   of regular employees, at the discretion of

e rauan, , . _ °•”“"'”‘°°· Census snnvncs: For service in connection with the Senate and House Omoo Bnuldmgs $960, or so much therecfas may be necessary. ¤¤¤¤•yqq¤¤¤•· Smma! ormwmo: 'l`o enable the Library of Congress to be kept open for reference use_from two until ten o’clock post meridian on Sundays and legal holidays, withm the discretion of the librarian, mcludnngtlmextraserv1cesofemployee•andtlneservice•ofadditionalboemployess under the $10,000, or so much thereof as ma . """"°‘“"‘”· ]g¤ Y01‘C9N¤llas: Forpumhasniofbooksfcrthe socne oommnssnom an v L‘""‘t§",‘,?t°}§I,‘l‘t§’.%.l"’.‘3.‘3“¥»‘§‘‘°"'Z°° *°' """°"""°“J’°tL’.l‘“.,¤‘“"i..g expenses incidental to theamauisitnqnlof books by pinrchase, gift, or hd exchange, to contmue avanla e durnng the Hscal year nmeteen hun- "“‘°‘ died and fourteen, $90 000 together with the unexpended balance of the sumdappsgrpnated flor tins object for the fiscal year nineteen hundred an tw e. “""°°"'·°"°‘ F urehase fbooks df pcrno¢l1cals° ° f tlnela lib ,under the llilirgction of cthe Chiellllustlilze, including lplaynnenyin ddiyunee for subscriptions to law periodicals, $3,000; ’°'“"*"‘”°°°""· For purchase of new books of reference for the Supreme Court, to be a part of the Library of'Congress, and urchased Y the marshal of the Supreme Court, under the direction ol. the Chief ustice, $2,000;

  • ’°'“"”°"* For purchase of miscellaneous periodicals and newspapers, including

palwgnslrit ozdggnce for subscriptions to the same, $5,000; °"‘“°*°“°“’°”"'· Comrnenni For miscellaneous and contingent expenses of the Library, station , supphes, and all stock and `materials duectly purchased, sous traveling expenses, gag, transportation, all mcndental expenses connected with e tratnon of the Library and the Coipyrnglnt Office, which sum shall be so apggrtnoned as to prevent a de cnency therein, $6,800. ¤g•¤;·d=;f¤¤¤¤M¤¢ smnr cans, nm uanrmxniccz or Lunmuzr smmmo Ama suwmusaeaseu onomms: Superintendent of the Library building and grounds, $E,(£060c)ln1ef clerk, $2,000; c&:·:¤s—-one at $1,%, one at $1,400, one a , ; messenger; assis m ; h hbo d operator; assistant telephone switchboard olperatgil; dlllgtaliinnmiis watzrh, $1,400;l1eutenant of watch, $1,000; sixteen watclnmen, at $720 each; carpenter, gzmter, and foreman of laborers, three m all, at $900 each;

. frers,hat   eacllgtggo atfgndants in ladies’ room, at

eac ; our c ec a 0 ; ° trees f $425; assistant mistress ydll clnarvvjouien, $20.0; fort;-seven 03:: women, chief engineer, $1 .500, assistant e eers~one at 1 2 2 . $ , 00, three at $900 each; electrician, $1,200; mac ists——one at $1,000 one at $900; two wnremen and one plumber, at $900 esch· three

?ge;té•5r conductors and ten skilled laborers, at $720 each;’in all,

·¤··¤¤·v¤v¤·*¤•· Ii extra services f l d addi ‘ g ‘g§p,,t..,%,,d&? ..,.1 i§?3‘.T§£“‘t‘2}°,’,t';1?$i.§‘§"}§£ ¤,l£;'£l2§ sua,. .§? £*3‘i§.,¤f'§2Y§30‘?“°“ ‘°“ ° °'°°" "°°‘