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18 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cue. 12-14. 1911. A tained herem' , th erintendent of insurance issue to it mem: •-tac illilicgziggto transact its bnisiiigss in the District of Columbia: Provided, _ °°$‘§§'§{ '§'{$?{L ‘ however, That nothing contamed hcrem shall with or abndge ' the rights of any fraternal beneficial association licensed to transact business under subcha ter twelve of chapter eighteen of the Code of P . . . Law for the District of Columbialghor mcoxperated by;pec1a1_Act of d¥;ii»Y.°.,“m'°ii.$‘5 Congress: And provided jixrtfeer, at nothmg· contain herein shall ¤¤¤¤P*- ap y to any relief association, not conducted for profit, comlposed solgl of oizhcers and enl1st$men of the United States Army or avy, or solely of employees of other branch of the United States Government serviceéior solely of employees of any mdividual, company, . Erm ra 0 " _ _ ,,‘“°°"'*"°"‘ "‘” S1i<ilr;°.'lgi)at a.lln•Acts and parts of Acts_incons1st.ent herewith be, gx and the same are hereby, repealed: Provided, That notlnngdherem

 contained shall   or aiiect the other provisions oi su alpter

$.eg.°* °*“.i."‘°’ ?0mig¤’°°”c3f “‘!$T’.$§ °.$rL.?0`£p35.€.*`.?¤.D“...0c*"°“i2{£§."’f.‘; companiesfhlgo are nonresriiioents of the of Columbia (to vyliom W, ,,_,,_ mz the PIQVJSIQDS of this Act shall also be applicable), or the provisions of section su hundred and fifty-two of said code relating to inquiry into the aifairs of District companies. Approved, August 15, 1911. , _ _ . Awypxgdnll. Bg?APég:.—AnwAdTo¤¤=:im&eSdmhmaImngmnS·%n¤dS9¤I£t1un consume operate a brldp mos e Frame ver

 in uiZ°5¤a ¤i°ii°»i¤¤-s, me at com purpose.

Be€tenacted6ythe—»Senatea1•d.Euse0 of t/ne United $}"'I,',}§“,_m,§,‘?‘,; Stateaof Ameriea1$n That the Saint Louis, Iron Mwnrain md ¤·>¤•¤· Mountain and Southern way Company, a corporation created and $.'ZyR"bi-.’$§{,°°i:”1.Z{ existing under and by virtue of the laws of the States of Missouri and °°¤¤'Y· *’*· Arkansas, is hereby authorized to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across and over the Saint Francis River in the State of Arkan- . sas,at such int in section twentydive, township three north, range four east in County, in said State, suitable to the interests of namgation, as may hereafter be selected by nid company for crossing said v¤1.s4,p.s•. river with its railway line, in accordance with the Provisions of an Act entitled "An Act to rggulate the construction o bridges over navigable waters," approv March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six.

  • ¤*°*’¤*¤*- Sm. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. Approved, August 15, 1911.

  • "!“f‘,“· ”"· CHAP. 14.-An Act To legalizea bridge acres the Pend Oreille River, in Stevens

.?m..[S in County Washington [reuse, se. 14.] ’ ` Be it enacted the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mfg;dg’,{“$,€_;*,{{§;; ¢{'America cn Clrmgreea aseemb , That the consent of Congress v&¤:_¤Nm¤er¤;rl}a‘g:?g is here y granted the Idaho and Washington Northern Ra' way s reg` c on ¤ r ,·, Company, a corporation of the State of Idaho, its successors and assigns, “’•¤’*·· *¤¥*”¤°- to maintain an operate a bridge and approaches thereto now constructed across the Pend Oreille River, at or near where sand river glows through Box Canyoli in Stevens County, in the State of Wash- , ington,_such maintenance nd operation to be subject to, and in accord-

      • 3* 1*-* gee the prcévislions of the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the

mum. ns cono ri or 'gbl te,” ed h .,¢,»;,·,~.z.;·,_g,·,_¤·=·~— U.-,.tn.d, n...e..5°§u¤H$€d"2§5"Zs? }"»‘}m’Z.?.d, ii‘§£°£I. ¤.$$3&Z-