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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 467 lime · foraggsfor issue to public animals, and and straw for bedding; blank boo blank forms, typewriting supp es, pencils and memorandum books for guards, books for use rn chaps), paper, envelopes, and postage stamps for issue to prisoners· for la r and materials for repairing steam-heating plant, electric plant and water circulation, and drainage; for labor and materials for construction and repair of buildings; or general supplies, machinery, and tools for use on farm and in shops, brickyard, quarry, limekiln, laundry, bathrooms, printing office, photografph gallery, stables, policing buildings and grounds; for the purchase o cows, horses mules, wagons, harness, veterinary supplies, lubricating oils,_oBEice iurmture, stoves, blankets, iron bunks, paints and oils, hbrary books, newspapers and pcrio - eals, and electrical supplies; for payment of water supply, telegrams, telephone service, notarial and veterinary services- or advertising in newspapers; for fees to consulting physicians called to determine mental conditions of supposed insane prisoners, and for other services in cases of emergency; for pay of extslguards or employees when deemed necessary by the Attomey Gen , and for expense of care and medical treatment of guards who may be injured by prisoners while said guérorgs are endeavoring to prevent escapes or suppressing mutin , $40, ; - ‘ · Forjhospital supplies, including purchase of medicines, medical and H°""“' """“°'· surgical supplies, and all other artrclm for the care and treatment of sick prisoners; and for expenses of interment of deceased prisoners, $2,500; For salaries, including pay of officials and employes, as follows: S““‘°*~ Warden, $4,000; deputy warden, $2,000; chaplgn $1,500; chaplain, $600; physician, $1,600; chief clerk, $1,800; kkeeperand record clerk, $1 ,200; stenographer, $900 ; four clerks, at $900 each; head cook, $1,000; steward an storekeeper,_$1,200; superintendent of farm and transportation, $900- three captams of watc , at $1,000 each; guards, at $70 per month each, $52,080 ; two teamsters, at $600 each; engineer aad electrician, $1,500; assistant engineer and electrician, $1,200; m s ,579,280 ; _ For foremen, laundryman, tailor, and prmter, when necessary, $3,300- In all, for penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, $190,080. _ mum Q_ 1:05 support of the United States Pemtentiary at Atlanta, Georgia, hmma.4, as o ows: For subsistence, including the same objects specified under this S“"""°"°°· léegdoggr the United States Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Karnes, ) For clothing and transportation, includingfhe same objects epeci- ,_§§’,,‘]‘§',§· """"°’ fied ping? this 1;;:1 for the United States erutentnary at Leavenwort , ansas, ,000. G£ ushexpenditp,rs, in the discretiiontgs the Atttgrrnéy ""°°“'“°°““· ,1ncu tesameo ectsspecifieduner e United Statgeygitentiny at Leavenworth, Kansas, $25,000* ; H For hos 1 su plies, including the same objects specified under “°"’*"‘ ’“"*’ °" gléiggged fgr the l.l)nited Staten penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas. For salaries, including pay of eilicials and employers, as follows: S°’"’°"· Warden, $4,000; deputy warden, $2,000; cheq,, $1,500; chaplain, $1,200; chief clerk, 1,800; phgacian, $1,600; kkecpar and record clerk, $1,200 ; stenographer, $ ;g¤ clerks, at $9w each;t•lepl1one operator, $430; engineer and electrician, $1,500; assistant engineer and electrician, $1,200; three captains of watch, at $1,000 oooh; steward and storekeeper, $1,200; superintendent of farm and transportation, $900; two tearmters, at $600 each; head cook, $' 000; guards, at $70 per month each, $43,000; in all, $73,080: