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490 SIXTY=SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ons. 350, 357. 1912[ ¤•¤*¤1¤* ¤*'¤¢‘· “T deliv u on oath, to be during the p¤¤d6¤<>y queen. of Fé§)a3§gé§;; cznggoqs court may pre- ` cs ¥-¤!i'¤:f¤ v . . .

 ·* wg <d'2 To ·*°'*I§5“" T1 °“1ihJ.°'m.i°ia°? °mh°·`u °°4`ii.'}£.."'}g’““m..¤°°°‘“.m.¤
 colpies abthecourtmaygirder.

uummsw *•(e) Whenever ownerofamusicalcop thasusedor er- 5°J:‘°°d-°* mitted theuseof the copyrighted work upon e parts of music m- struments serving to reproduce the musical work, then in case of t such copynght by the u11.authoriai1el;lSmre‘:’¤i]l;- facture, use,_or sale of m e parts, such as_ , _ , bands, or cylinders foiéh use m rnectod al muplic-produmngctlomachmu ee , adatedtoreproduce ecopyrxgh music, ocnmmal ‘ ° ' tin be granted n - recover ’ ts a y as provi W `·`*’·`*'*—~ ¤*···¤—s~..~:§& i'·‘·¥··*°$ T-·--· ““1.&&’· 'i·‘ “'¥;?t§.’?¤‘.‘t1Y".£‘;;°X°.§.‘;,‘5’ m e a A ce o a agreemen _ _ ·· mn iiightedmusicdcognpoeitimuponthepartsciirnstrnnnentssewmgto reproduce mecbanwallyf thapsmlngicglo vgpg, relying ngljgnfthe compcuf gg b glail, upon the copyrighlzcgoprietor at last ad- "'°°“,m&°l°°?¤&°.‘}.°".1"'°¤t.‘°°°*f.*¢“ °*..i{‘° °§£."‘?.3°m“’ “‘i°i‘i.?}f¤“`° ' t o a ° su no ‘ ; m case o ure gptodo the courtrlrlray in its discretion, in additinnto sumsberemabove mentioned, award the complainant afurthersum, not to exceed three times the amount provided by section one, subsection (e),_by way of dw and not as apenalty, and also a temporary injunction until the award is paul. _ _ _ MW} °‘°·• °' "°' "Rules and regulatwns for practice and procedure under this sec; tion shall be prescribed by the Supreme Court of the United States. Approved, August 24,.1912. · . "i?=f§:]. I i Traction Company and Wallington Railway and Electric Company. Bitmadad t7•eSenote¢mdE fR cntati ftheU£ted mdew SWS. ..¢.4m.»¤2 e ems. .f1‘Zz1.'§, ·i·»."‘£.2“e... e3’.°.i.3ee.¤.?. of

 the District of Columbia are hereby empowered to regulate and ,

A, ¤,“*°,_';‘{Y °‘ °°'“* control the character of the vehicles and equipment to be used b the Metropolitain h§}qmp1?y 95 the District of Columbia. andy the tw em ve c es san company. mm; tm ¤v¤¤» OPS;. 21; ’(l'hat said commissioners are erebiy giyen authority to issue "°°‘ ° such permits or licenses for the ogeration o said vehicles as may be necessary to carry this Act into e ect, and for cause shown to revoke the same and further to make, alter, or amend from time to time, masouabfe rules, regulations, and orders for the equipment and operatic:} of ::3 wihrclesé wh1é:hbr¤1l‘§•;1;nd regzlatnogsind ordirs when sg m es an in on esai etmpo’tanCoac Co pany d upon all perse service r•¤¤ir•¤- 3. ·T1lrat .aid companymiihall provide and furnish at all times Snell; as shall be reasrqpqbly safe and adequate; an its a esmaintainits d repair-, neat clean, from offensivbesrxioéfejinom a eamtary condition, sufficient m number, and reasonably comfortable Suda, and convenient. The company shall operate its vehicles so as to give expeditious passage to allpersons desiring to use the same, and