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492 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Gus. 357-359. 1912. m}g,,__°'”°°‘ *“ '** Sm: 9. That the provisiom of Act shall be elfective on and

:Ln·•: after six months from the_dato of its passage, and in addition to the

,,,,,,,,1, with ,,,1,, Sgnalties m this Act provided, the failure of the lletropohtan Coach mpanz at may time or times to comply with the terms hereof s m _ e it unlawful fdr it to operate its vehicles over its route, and if said company within a period of thirty days of notice thereof, fa1l_to comply_with any of said rules, regulations, or orders, made by said commisswnix its right to_ operate said vehicles shall termitraate w1tl;otu:z directed pon raven e use e u ways said company. ummm. Sec. 10. Tdat Congrm reserves the right to alter amend or repeal usenet. ’ ’ Approved, Augmt 24, 1912. `

  • ”i§* mz KAP. 858.-An A T autlniss gunsylvank gmmld Cgugpjn
 £;‘T.“'.¥h"7.'{."..‘.‘E'}°t¤¤,.°'2*   °££" "‘°°°'°”" ‘° °°“‘"'¥°‘·:I‘l1“‘%:

B¢i¢enaded_by{l•¢Senatea1ndHou•¢ the U {ted §,‘,},*{°,_'f_·K°',,__,,_ Staten of America an ¤ag¢rqJ»led€fThat the Penns {anis $u%v_;·}{ egg road Company, a corporation existing under the laws ofythe State of ¤...,;¤wa;¤£: Pennsylvama, and the Pennsylvania and Newark Raih·oad.0ompany, °°“[ hgm, ,,_ ,_ a corporation existingumlerthe laws of theStateof New Jerasygorthair W- ·•· ¤» M successors. be, and they are hereby to the:-med to ecaetmee, and operate a bndrgggwith asmanggach asthey slnll deamneeessary for_ra1lroad t c, across the aware River, at a point suitable · to the interests of navigation, between a pomt one-half of a mile south of and a pomt one and one-half pules south of the southern boundary line of the City of f1‘renton, m the State of New Jcrse , and a pomt south and withm two and one-guarter miles of tds sguthem boundary Imc of the Boroughpf Morrisville, in the County V I u' uh o_ l3ucksi and State of Penpsylvama, m accordance with the pro- °· 1*- ¢;v:1h:\;Act el3t1tledt°mAp Act to ciigkikltée the construction of a e wa , - · · twffbuudmd V app;-ov h twenty third, mne- ""‘°""""""‘ exgazsg; gggivtx right te alter, amend. er repeal this Act is hereby Approved, August 24, 1912.

  • "*’“f‘ “· 1*** ¢ZHAIf._369.·-—An Act G ring rig]; f · .
 EPZ}? $*3233 $°°°"“...¤.i.,,t..."°“.· gn“‘° S°“““E’?’°w*ly*$:· mmmmvm Biy¤·li¤fv=tii

_ Be it enact¢d_by the Senate and House R gnlaii · R;e°j‘v§;§';,'{_:•¥ igiates •{£ in Congress a&sembkd?fTh;l,)rt¢lie Seal.)tcl.e%l’tdl1€t x¤ss:¤:§zgk{:E¤r€té.§l§ es and e Crescent Railway, of the State of Washington, 4; 00 n. R,,,,,_,gM,ed ,,8,,, tron created under and by virtue of the laws of the State f dgeagammmpmnh ton, its successors and amigns, be, md th, same is hcmbyoempowaroti ttggugglety and locate is railway, mlegnphighnd telelphone line throu h Sm...fw...¤,.¥t.-'°".. .m." U'J.°€£’.£.t?.‘°“ t..w..““"'.i.i °°°"““°°· ‘° ‘§*° range two west 0 the Willamette and P twenty-mus mink five and thirty-six,townshi thi] north ran, g lwmsssmuom thirty- metre meridian, and is hereby granted a ievocdblhvliggsteotfotldiaayrnixih gas same; said license to remain in force during the pleasure of ,¤'9$g*”°•*’· ¢°<‘—· Sm 2- That said ration is licensed to take d purpvees of e Mwaymnph and telephone um, $:1 fyxio (liner