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560 'SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sus. II. Cue. 389-390. 1912. ='¢¤ . . vision" theActmal¤ng` aproriationefor e1§§§|:.¤°u-F in- th? 0508m Gilt; §PP!'°Vl;d §§Y tY°ut*Y" ,,,,",,,,,°‘·,,,“· "* ‘"’ seventh, nineteen hundred and thorunng the designation of enlisted men of the Navy as navy_mail clerks assistant navy mail clerks, be amended toincludg m_such desrgnatron enl1sted men of the Marme Corps, b the insertion m the,ear provision, after the words “United States{Wavy," the words " or Marine Corps." ·,·,,,‘”'°""°"‘,.,W..,.iT Sw. 12. That if the revenues of the Post Oiiiee t shall News be insuicient to meet the a prbpriations by Act, B sum equal to such deficiency of tile revenue of said t rs hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any money_m Y _ notfotherwise a ropnated, to supfply said m the reyenues_ or the undmd ’ an sum n may van e ¥°°° °¥Eii.€.i)°¤K"t£?Q.,7“" 3'u°’§° ’°" ?i§‘ J‘“°tZTi°”“h&.d”’“t3°°ti§“ Post 0Ece Department upon requisition of the Postmaster Beotriettons ur • of ' t of th, Act m ,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ Sec.13._'1‘hat the provisions sectron_e1gh making ¤¤?¤~¤·· appropriations for the Dnstnct of Columbia approved June twenty- "m mxth,nimt3:3%m1dthr;dAa:dtmlve,shd1mtapplyto theappmpnv ti ' t.

.{"'..°'3°i°'"° IM Postmaster may expend for the service

1°{¢»w¤·?°·°°~ of thePost0HiceDepartmmt dunngthemonthsofJulyandAugust nineteen hundred and twelve, a ter amount than that provided for- by joint resolutions exteucg? appropriations for new £1°”£’,°;2“i’f "“’ %‘3Zr°‘1‘.T‘k°‘i¤g¤.»““ °'¤e..,.°°""Z‘¤.,°°,..m.."““‘°““»2"¤..$,.r"'°.Y...i §ii°*°'•¤ ¤=¤••·1tw5ve: Thdt this Aetfor §,'L,,‘,,,,*"'gg,,;"”°"‘*the_wholeof theiiscalyearnmeteerr andthrrteenahallnot exceed the amounts hereby appropriated. Approved, August 24, 1912. ‘¤"¤~*·*··‘ii‘ - ,,,.°“‘Jr.§°,£."é;‘:;.%."¤."§.F;'§.?“&..‘7.§i”&¤.*°°”.§` ,?...‘““°2s. p>¤we.r¤e.¤·:.; o B itenaded th¢ScM.tcandH0us Repreacntativesof the United ,:;_|"°'°:°T:; Starz; ¢j•AM€i‘ibg in Congress a•acmI>l:3fThat the zone of land and ¤¢»¤.°fZ¤Z° ° land under water of the width of ten miles extending to the distance of five miles on each side of the center line of the route of the canal now being constructed thereon, which zone begins rn the Caribbean Se; three fr<;mPmean lowixwattigr and exteirodsuto us o mama acriic Ocean WL at dilstahlirecgg three marine miles from m?m low~water mark, excluding °"” therefrom the cities of Panama and Colon and their ad'acent harbors located within said zone, as errcepted in the treaty witll the Republic ?,{.%"“:i‘.?s‘i;‘;‘2i?‘ £‘¤‘£'.?£;"*.$a‘t‘ii.¥",*.i’i‘Zr“fi*‘* ”*“b‘;$’°“ "““"’3"- ““.‘§3,*‘5°°· m escrr zone, an rn on §reretoC`t;lhei)groupdof islands in tlae Ba); ofisPanaima named Perico, e ra, an Flamenco, an any an an waters outside of

 abov d `bod hich ecese ‘

from time to tim; m6:;nbemr1l;_nwes·;:ry1 or coargerl)ilen(l:0i1<:i·0l:.hiaD:;>o;E strgctrorh rnar?tenance,_operat10r:Is salrlitation, 011; proteckgon of the sm can or· o any auxiliary can , es, or other wor necemary or- convenient for the construction, ’ te , t' , - tion, or- protection of said canal, 511§museI:·b1§c°u 0d)n?m,1(:>Ii· goarliigbl whereof were granted to the United States by tile target between the United States and the Republic of l’anama, the ratihycations of which were exchanged on the twenty-sixth day of February, nineteen hundred and four, shall be known and designated as the Canal Zone, and the canal now being constructed thereon shall hereafter be