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572 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H, Ch. 391. 1912. Directo ) f th ` Constabulary, and 0 other officere of the

  • Army shall hengafter dgtailed for duty withlihe said Constabulary

except as specifically provided by law. ¤¤¤*¤·¤¤¤¤- V rst or m4us·rm> mm. For ay of enlisted men of all des, including recruits, sixteen mil- §'~·¤•¤- to m · lion dollars: Provided, That no o%8cer or enlisted man in active service, ...d°..;’a!...1 ..*3...%;: who san be stmt fromduty on swam pr disease mnzing from ms };°{’,g‘,§,,,;"‘j°,‘¥,Qf‘°‘ own intemperate use of drugs, or alcoholic hggcers, or other unseenduct, shall receivepaigsor the period of such a nee from any part of the appropriation in Act for the fpay of officers or enhsted men, the guile so absent and the cause theiéeo to be ed under suocihvproregulations as ma rescribe ary ar. ""'*”“’· Flg·°a·¢l1ditional pay for length (li service, exile million five hundred and thirty-Eve thousand dollars.

  • “¢‘”°°""""“°“- comm or ENGINEERS. ‘

For lpay of mera, {au; and seventy-seven thousand ` t an orty‘ o . mgdiddilzlilinal pay for length ofserviee, scixty-five thousand dollars. °¤'¤*°°•°°'P'~ ommaiwcn nnammmm. l h For pay 05 meg, two hundred and twenty-one thousand four ‘ dred an —six o . ugdditional gay dor length of service, one hundred and five thousand five hundred dollars. ‘§;',{°""""°' '"` QUABTE]&MABTER’S nnranmnm.

  • `°"·"·°"‘ Fr oftwohundred t art t rgeant, tfrt-fi

dolliirspligr month each, ongoliudlllred iiidldaiiightlethousaxidlllolllaig vo Additional pay for length of service, thirty-eight thousand dollars. '::g_¤=i···*¥ ·•* sunsxsrmxon nnranumm. '°"·’·°°'· For a of two hundred and sev t mm1ss` gg, 1; forty-f§eydollars ngontg plach, diile liixsndlrted andtillessdgsdsusadd ven un an e ty e ans. s°Additional pay forllength of service, forty~five thousand dollars. ¤l¤•1¤¤r¤• SIGNAL conrs. Fr ayofforty-twomast alelect" t h dred dollnilxslciach, thirt{—seven thouzliuidggight hunrdtiietlnlioltlariiina un For pay of one undred and thirty-two £l‘Bi»··(7l8SS sergeants, at ive

tang {prty dollars each, seventy-one thousand two hundred

an exg y dollars. For yofo hndred df —f f ` 303:11: {,2. M3? @$3 i°§§°§’&E“a.§3 §l?{°Z{§t’§ o . For ayoftwn -f ks, thirt dllars .igF. riots? .5. l'i;1ndr\l;dcd)n?d({o£-tfy d..nZs.° *’°' m°“"‘ °“°*‘* or pay o one undred _ dpllliixsioplirrxgionth each, forty-fl>nur thovlisilxitd gihldoliziidrzd dhvdlligiaiillyf e . . l%`or pay of Eve hundred and fifty-two ?irst·o1ass privates at eighteen ollam m th h, h dred d' l two hmm .¤.¥°5m‘}’}tw§“.fo1i£.2.° `“‘ ““ ““‘°*°°“ “‘°“““"