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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rss. 8-10. 1911. `43 Territory, shall constitute a canvassing board, and they, or an two of them, shall meet at said city of Phoenix on the third Monda aher said election and shall canvass the same. If a majoritaof thelegal votes cast at said election upon said amendment shall in favor thereof, ,_§g,_*}{g¤¢ *°•¤**·** the saidcanvassing board shall forthwith certify said result to the ‘ ' governor of the Territory, t¢§ether with thestatement of votes cast mn the question of the raf cation or_ rejection of said amendment; - reupon the governor of said Temtory shall, by reclamation, ,,°’;g°,gy*¤•“°¤°¥ declare the said amendment a part of the constitution of) the roposed ` State of Arizona and thereupon the same shall become and ge a part of said constitution; and if the said proposed amendment to section ,,“_*g‘gg¤$“¤g,° one of Article VIH of the constitution o Arizona is not ado ted and nunod. ratiied as aforesaid then, and in that case, the Territo ofp Arizona slpillhjigottbe admitted into the Union as a State, under ge provisions o t ° ct. · . ‘ Except as herein otherwise provided said election upon this amend- h§*,°f§'{_;_"*’l°°* °° ment shall be in all resiilects except as to the educational qualifications of electors subject to the election laws of Arizona now in force. Approved, August 21, 1911. No. 9. Joint Resolution E di the operation for th n A 9- Imreggulatiori of the waters of N lliv-gr, for the preseoriraudgdgi Niagaia°°Fahl1(£ laiid for other purposes. {P¤b.1u•., No. o.] Besobved by the Senate and Hmueo B of t}la Uizitad States of America in Congress t the provisions of an Act entitled "An Act for thecontrol of e waters o Niagara River, P¤**¤¤·h_l¤¢4¤•¤¤· for the preservation of Ni ra Falls, and for other purposes," be, Vol.M,p.¤. and they are hereby, extendddtand reenacted from June twenty-ninth, §,{’°°· nineteen hundred and eleven, being the date of the expiration of the operation of said Act, to March first, nineteen hundred and twelve. Approved, August 22, 1911. o. 10. Join Resolution An horizin the Secre of War to loan certain ·*°¢°•* umltedg for this use of the Astoria Ceiitennial? to be heldmayt Astoria, Oregon, August tenth to September ninth, nineteen hundred and eleven. l?¤\•- R4. N0- 10-1 Resolved the Senate and House of R esentatives 0 the United States ofA1?er&:a in Congress assembled, ¥hrat the Secrefary of War Auiginiioeix Oww be, and he is hereby, authorized to loan, at his `discretion, to the {,‘}.§,,'{,§f"°""' °"' executive committee of the Astoria Centennial, to be held at Astoria Oregon, August tenth to September ninth, nineteen hundred and eleven, one hundred wall tents and one hundred `conical tents, with hwg, poles, ridges, and ins for each: Provided, That no expense shall be No expdnne. caused the Unitedgtates Government by the delivery and return of ` said property; the same to be delivered to said committee designated at such time pgior to the holding of said centennial as may be agreed upou_by the cretary of War and B. F. Crawshaw, general secretary o said executive committee: And provided further, That the Secret·ar£_0f War shall, before delivering such property, take from said I¤d°¤¤**¥"°°‘*- B. . Crawshaw a good and sufficient bond for the safe return of said c proper? iagood order and condition, and the whole without expense to the ui States. Approved, August 22, 1911.