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56 l SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. _ Sess. II. Cns.17-;19. 1912. ,,-,,,-,,8 Swann ‘ furth [paws, xc. ez.] Weld and Inrinmer, Colorado. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of R{_€;ese1•tat·£ves of the United P¤¤·¤<= *·¤,;’·, M mm m,grwa,` ‘ Omigrm embled, t the Sec of the ¤¤E*m;*:°§ °' "°'g ?nterio(i·fm‘iiy, in higdiscretion, gut to any entryman wlidfliargheretol£ii1d fore made entry under the desert-land laws in the counties of Weld °°“" and Larimer, in the State of Colorado a further extension of the time. rms-,. within which he is required to make final proof : Ifromded, That such d$.°,?°,Z},".{;`§’{.{°T”' °‘ en an shall, by his corroborated aiiidavit filed m the office of thmrict where such land is located show to the satisfaction of the Secretary that because of unavoidable delay m the construction of irrigation works intended to convey water to the land embraced in his entry he is, without fault on his part, unable to rnake proof oi the · reclamation and cultivation of said lands as required by law withm “"“"‘°"" the time limited therefor; but such extension shall not be granted for a period of rgqre thanhpibree years, and this Act shall not aiiect contests initiate or a va existing reason. Approved, January 26, 1912. ·“E,‘f',§__’ 18.-uign tgap of a bridge, lppmaches Be·i¢enactedby¢heSenaleand Ho·useqfBe of ib United s-u1`g_y’·¥dBlgSWc80 Americain0o1ng·reseassernbled lti¤e:“:¤•¥ Pg; Bri? gourpany, a corporation organimd laws WB shfb ¤»a$am°’°°°i7Hii”Q{.»¤, of _ est Vnrgmra, its successors and assigns, be, and an hereby, "· °~ authorized to construct, mamtam, and operate a and approaches thereto, across Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River at a. pomt suitable to the interests of navigation at or_near point where the WilliamsopbBx—anch into said river, m the o£:V`1lhanxscn, ° Min? irgma rn acco ce wi provisions "°‘·"·*’·“· bri the ct egillaid Jin Act to iegulate the construction of luidges over navigable waters,” approved March twenty-third, nineteen h dred d six. annum. 2.a!fhat tlae right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserve . Approved, January 27, 1912. Jan¤ary1'I,1912. CHAP. 19.-An Act Toauthorize the construction of a bridge acres Caddo Lake,. [u. n. rms.] in Louisiana.

  • "“°“°· "°·°"·’ Be sammy qw smc mz Houseof Represev•ta¢1?veaqft}ae was

$3 IL States of America en Congress assemliled, That the police jury of Caddo my ences. iam! Parish, Louisiana, be. and is hereby, authorized to construct, maint°$Z'I•`i':;. um. tain and ommte a bridge across Caddo Lake (locally known as Ferry Léike), in ‘ dd0tParish, Lolpisiaaa, at sq gint suitable to the interests o navigation, a or near the vi e 0 oori rt Lo ' ' v°'· ""· *"°* accordance with the provisions oghe Act cntiiz]l%?3Ai1 Adilstgurtgig late the construction of bridies over navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen undred and six. 4·¤¤¤·*¤¤°¤*· Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, January 27, 1912.