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58 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 23-26. 1912. Jumaryunsl. ¤ELA2.28.—AnActToextendthetime forcoustructingebridgeacrcnrtheliislu- B- liu-] ainippi River at Minneapolis, Minnurh. lam Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represe1dat·ives of the United

- States America in Congress assembled, That the time for commenc-
: ing angccmpleting the bridge authorized bg the Act of Congress

g"§°,,,"§,,,,,,,,“;§ approved Januagtwenty-seventh nineteen undred and ten, to_ be Vzggdl P- W- built across the _ ppr lhver irom Avenue south to F1rst °°i·amr en. Avenifodsotrgzheast, m thedcrggrg Mmneapohs, giuancspta, nsmhlpreabg exten one ear an years, respec rve y, rom u

  • """*¤**- twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and twelve. _ _

.. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, January 27, 1912.

 9 ““?im..““E“i€    .j“”.§L”

it mate ouse o vu

,,,,,_ Statgs of America in Congress assembled, {hat the cormty of Poinsett, a

nr., an bib. cc ration organimd and existing under the laws of the State of n°°°°' Arignsas, its successors and awe, be, and they are hereby, authorized te construct, operate al bridge agdkapproacges . to across the `t e 'ver, at ornear epanto ansas, a point suitable to the interests of navigation, in aocdrdanoe vusseu rovisionsof theActentit.led·"An Acttoregulate theccnstructmnof bridges over navigable waters/’ approved Much twenty-thu·d, nineteen hundred six. . _ _ ‘ _,

  • '°“¤¤’· ‘ Sec.2.Thatthenghtto•1tu·,amend,or1epea1thisAct1shereby

expressly remrved. _ _ Approved, January 27, 1912. ·'•¤°•¤“"·*”* cxu».a¤.-Ansar my thenoardofcounty sa·n•n¤.m· .A..==¤=·;~;u ¤..,, a.-0.., ...¢m°"‘ Pm- .. ¤..¤...· · ‘ Be it enacted by theSe1•ate—and House Re esenlatices the United §='3?¤ii§••l•?iy, States of America in Congress 'ljgdt the boariif of county ¥'¤¤·”•¥"“¢•· commissioners for the county of Beltramn, m the State of Minnesota, be, and they are hereby, authorized to construct maintain and operate_a budge and approaches thereto across the liiississippi lfiver ‘·°°•**°¤- at a point irritable ltio do zlntergsgs of navrgaggln in sectron twenty- two towns xp one un re an orty-six no , ran w t; in- the countyof Beltrami, in the State of Minnesotzfin accciidaize v¤ au with the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to r late the construction of bridges over navigable waters/’ approveclilllarch twenty- third, nineteen hundred and six. ¤·¤¤**¤¤°¤*· Sec. That this right to alter, amend,.0r repeal this Act is hereby express y reserve . ‘ Approved, January 27, 1912. . F¤¤f¤· 1-lm c1u1>.ee.-A.¤ A · ·· · ._..[h;;c?6;}n_] ;g3e駤3¤;¤;€§ge;a°L1$Z “.§§Eg°&°%i1‘§3§2£}‘%dp§?.?v?a“»iL¢i¥t’¥$,‘§i%2°é‘5; Be·£1enactedl>ytheSen.ateand Houses R 67bldl'lll)O8 th U.`ted ggigd gswtegwpésr- State.; ry America in Congress assembledf migsection gis huniliiod mmeée. ’ ’ and ten of "An Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating tc