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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. Ch. 145. 1913. 837 and special agents, clerks, assistants, and other labor uired, in the city of Washington and elsewhere, $296,000, of whldhl amount not ¤g°2"°'°°“‘l '"°" less than $257,000 be allotted for congressional distribution. And the Secretary of Agncultureis hereby directed to expend the said sum as nearly as practicable, in the purchase, testing, and distribution oi suchvaluableseeds,bulbs,shrubs vines,cuttings,and lants,thebesthe can obtain at public orpnvate sale, and such asshall be suitable for the sag, sw., to be respective locahtmes to which the same are to be apportioned, and in “" ‘°‘°°‘““”‘ which same are to be_ distributed as hereinafter stated, and such seeds so_purchased mclude a variety, of vegetable and flower seeds suitable forplantr.%;nd culture in the various sections of the United States: Provided, t the Secretary of Agriculture, after due adver- €(,‘{’,’,,.“$, ,0,. ,,,,,

.rse?1ent and on coprpefiftgvie lglks, is aughorized to award the contract we ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤·

or esuppyrngo rin p etsan env an thepacke` , assembling, and m.a&ng of the seeds, bulbsflgllixbs, vines, cmg, and plants or any part thereof, for a of not more than e years nor less than one year, if by suc action he can best protect the interests of the United States. An equal proportion of `five- M" sixths of all seeds, bulbs, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants shall, upon their rigpest after due notification by e Secretary of Agriculture tzhat e allotment to their respective districts is read for distribution; be supplied to Senators, Representatives, and gates in Congsms 01- distribution among their constituents, or mailed by the apartment upon the receipt of their addrmsed fr-rw in packages of such weight as the Secretary of Agriculture til}? Postmastelri Ger;]eral may jointly determine: horoevtir, mn-; atu neac env 0 eorwra percontaining _ 0 e ,,,,_ contentgo thereof shallpbe plainlly indicated, and) then§::retar·y shall Pm not distribute to any Senator, Representative, or Delegate seeds entirely unit for the climate and ocality he represents but shall distribute the same so that each Member may have seeds of equal value, as near as msg be, and the best adapted to the locality he rep- lm, anhu resents: Provided, o That the seeds allotted to Senators and Rap- ¤¤•¤¤¤·¤¤ ••¤¤¤¤: resentatives for distribution in the districts embraced within e twenty-fifth and thirty-fourth parallels of latitude shall be ready for delivery not later than the tenth dagupf January: Provided, also mm ’I‘hat any portion of the allotments to ators, Representatives, and ,,,u,u,,*}‘§*,‘{§,,$,§,}“‘,§’_‘ Delegates in Congress remaining uncalled for on the first day of Aprrl shall be distributed by the Secretary of Agriculture giving preference to those persons whose names and addresses have been furnished by Senators and Representatives m and who have not before during the same season been suplplr by the department: Arid Km- of mkled also, That the Secretary s all report, as provided m this ct ,,,{‘°’°" ""°""'• the place, quantity, a.ud$ce of seeds Bpurchased, and the date of pure asc; but nothing in all be construpd to prevent the Secretary of A§rrculturo m sending to those who apply M for the same. An the amount herein appropriated shall not dr- ,,,,,¤,,,,""‘°‘",,,,,,,‘}{,,‘;‘{,*f*‘* verted or used for any other purpose but for the ufarchase, testing propagation, and distribution of valuable seeds, b _ , mulberrymand other rare and valuable trees, shrubs vines, cuttrngs, and p ts: Provided further, That $39,000 of which sum or so much thereof as ,,,,”,§",‘,}{",{‘ '°""“‘ the Secretary of Agriculture shall direct may be used for the tpurchase I P¤¤=¤¤¤I•¤<! dwiand distribution of droughtrresrstant deld seeds_thmugh e Great Plains area and other dry-land sections of the United Stats. Total for Bureau_of Plant Industry, $2 ,667,995. FOREST SERVICE. ¤'·=···*·¤·*¤·· Saunms, Former Sanvrcm: One Forester, who shall be chief of ,,:$Lf,:_li,,‘Z,_'”"’·”‘ bureau, $5,000; one administrative assistant, $2,000- one forest · su rvisor. $2,700; one orest supervisor, 2, ; ve crest superpe 1 ‘ s 600 11 f