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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 941 are authorised to charge hereafter not to exceed 20 cents perday for . each space m accordance wrth the provisions of the aforesaid Act. Easrmrrw Maruurrz Laborer-for c eaning sidewalk and street where """"”“*“· used for market purposes (farmers’ market), $300. Wnsrnrw Marian: Laborer for cleaning sidewalk and street where "“”‘ '“""‘· used for market purposes (far·rners’ market), $300. Frsrr wnanr arm 1¢arr¤:r: Market master and wharlinger, who ;,¥""""""“*‘*¤*‘“ shall have charge of the landing of vessels, the collection of wharf 4 and dockage rentals, and the collection of rents for fish houses at lg: i municipal fish wharf and market hereinafter established for not exceeding sixteen months at the rate of $75 per month, “°~'°°’ March first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $1,200; assistant market master, who shall also act as laborer, for the same period, at the rate of $50 per- month, not excwding $800; in all, $2,000, to be immedi- 0 I I,I ately available; and_ the Commissioners of the District of Columbia c¤¤m¤¤E¤{°°" I" are authorrzed drrected in the name of the District of Columbia to take over exclusively control, regulate, and operate as a municipal fish wharf market, the water frontage on the Potomac River ly-mg south of Water Street, between Eleven and Twelfth Streets inc uding the burldmiignd wharvee thereon and said wharf shall constitute the sole w for the landing of fish and oysters for sale in the District of Columbia; and said commissioners shall have power- to 1¤•,•••.••¤. make leases, fix and determine rentals, wharfage and doclgtge fees, and to collect angfay the same into the Treasury, one-h to the D•v¤•**•**¤¤¤¤r>¤· credrt of the Uni States and one-half to the credrt of the District of Columbia, and to make and amend, from time to time, all such regulations as they may deem proper for the control, regulation, and operation of said mumcipal fish wharf and market; and all leases, ,,qT'i,}';.'l'?23._°°°"‘ subleases, and other private rights of occupaniy in and to any or all of said pr0IpIIerty are terminated on, from, and ter March fifteenth, nineteen hun ed and thirteen; and all laws and parts of laws requir- ,II{‘fI¤’°I,;‘ °' *°°¤¤**·· ing the advertisement and sale of rights and privileges for_ a ish v¤1.s•.».n whar;f_or dgck, pnd all lamvgd or parts of laws inconsistent with the rovrsrons ereo are repe . P Omen or surnsrrwrnunsrvr or wmerrrs, umasunns, arm ins- .S@”.,..,,...,°°°°"“" rcrrrs: Superintendent, $2,500; two assistants, at $1,200 each; clerk, ""' $1 200; laborer $480; in all, $6,580. _ I,III_II_I_ImII~II_ For the purchase of small quantities of {scenes, meats, and pro- ,¤,.,_ visions, and so forth, in connection wit the investigation and detection of sales of short weight and measure, $50: E c°III_I·_ Esomsnrr Coumssromnfs omcz: Engineer of highways, $3,000; ...,...,·, W,. engineer of bridges, $2,250; superintendent of streets, $2,000; super- ,II§,¤g,I*?f°;’,;,_'°P"**· intendent of suburban roads, $2,000; superintendent of sewers, $3,300; inspector of asphalts and cements, $2,400 (Provided, That Ng},-.:"°'"'; ,,,,...,,, the inspector of aspha ts and cements shall not recerve or acc:Ipt °•· compensation of any kind from, or {perform an work or ren_er any services of a character required o officrahy by the District of Columbia to, any person firm, corporation, or mumcrpah other than the District of Columbia); assistant inspector of asph3ts and cements, $1,500; suferintendeut of trees and P¤·\‘k¤1g¤, $@0003 I assistant superinten ent of trees and parlnngs, $1,200; assistant ,,,._“"“" ""”’°"‘· engineers-one $2,200, one $2,100, four at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 eac , four at $1,500 each, one $1,350, one $1,200; transrtmen—-two at $1,200 each one $1,050; rodmen—four at $900 each, eight at $780 each; twelve chainmen, at $650 each; draftsmenjoue $1,500 muws, “ one $1,350, two at $1,200 each, one $1,050; general mspector of sewers, $1,300; inspector of sewers, $1,200; inspector, $1,200; inspectors——two at $1,500 each, six, mcludrng three inspectors of streets, at $1,200 each, one $1,000, one $900; foreman-—twelve at $1,200 each, one $1,050, ten at $900 each; foreman, Rock Creek