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1170 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. cs. 176. 1912. P·¤¤¤¤• ¤¤¤¤••·¢s The name of Moses E. Sturtevant, late of Company H, Third Regi- »;`iiZ°°° I ment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry, and pay a PBDIQOIQ at tlw POW of fifty dollars r month in lieu of that he ll now _

  • “'°‘ "· ‘”°""" The name olps Alfred K. Young late of Company G, Eig th Begiment Company F, Fifty-second Itegrment, and Company L, Seventeenth Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, pgllum a

pensionattherateofthirtydollarspermonthmheuo them _ now · _ §2}§Z"f{{‘c.·,,ei.._ The name of Belle A. Corbin, widow of John A. Corbin, late of Comany G, Ninety-sixth Regiment Hlinois Volunteer Infantry, and pay rmeeu mmm. ger a pension at the rate of twelve dollars per _ · "" K""'“°“"` The name of Ira Kennicutt, late of Company K, Eighth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, and my him a pension at the rate of thirty dollars per month m lieu 0 at he is now receiving. ,,,§§“°“‘ '* “°“‘ The name of William E. McLimans, late of Company , Seventy- ` seventh and Forty-third Regiments Pennsylvania Volnmteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of twenty-four dollars per month rn _ _ lieu of that he is now _ _ ,,X,R"““' " '“` The name of William F. Marshall, late of Company I, Regiment Iowa Volunteer _InfantrH&land ay him a peuaon pt the rate of forty dollars per month in of ant heis now reeervug. _u§_¤j\{{_m ,§;u*g•}_°· The name of Albert Barlield, alias Albert Bound late of Company C, Twen -fourth Begum ent United States Colored Volunteer Infan , an pay apensnonat erateo wen ·our 0 permon d thin th f t ty f d liars in'}~_i§uofthatfh:E1;isncwreeeivi{1g. of _ N_ _ _ Peter Geergan. 6 Ilnmé O BCG? , lh Ill ., BRIS] · ment New York Volunteer Infantry, and pagyhim a am rate_ of twenty-four dollars per month in eu of tgt he is now receiving. Herriwn Hmddle. The name of Harrison H. Riddle, late of Company I, Fiftydninth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and pay bun a pennon at the rate of thirty dollars er month in lieu of that·he is now reeei ° nes s. summa. The name of Elon Baloome, late of Company H, Hwmtmment New York Volunteer Cavalry, and pa hun a n at the rat.e_ twenty-four dollars per month in of m is now , recenvmg. · I _ neun o. neun:. The name of Hollis D..Kendall, late of Compan Sixtieth Begi-` ment New York Volunteer Infantry and Compzn? G, Thirteenth Regiment New York Volunteer Cavalry, and pa him a pension at the rate of thirty dollars r month in lieu of thatlss is now reoei . H§§,j,Q*•¤ ·R**°Y The name of William Igiley Helms, late of Compan F Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry, and Companyai, Fourteenth llegunent New York Volunteer Heavy Artill , and pay him a anonattherateof thirty-eix dollars permonaarin lieu of that me new receiving. · ¤·r¤¤W- ¤1¤·=¤•¤¤- The name of David W. Clemn late of B, Sixtieth Regiment New York Volunteer Infztry, and mya pemion at therateof gi:onthin lienofthatze-isnowreeeiving. ¤·¤¤¤-Y•¤~¤M- »Thenameof C. hild,1ateofCompanyI,SeverithRegiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, mips him a pension at the rate of lihu'tY'llXd0I]$!B£fm0¤¢hlIlli¤¤ tgathehnewreeeiviag. ¤*¤¤¤·¤°·>¤¤- Thenameof ward B. North,lateofoempanyG, N‘mety·£fth Ragzmqrg0hroVolunteerInf¤r¤·_k,;nd~5:zhnmapenionatth• rateofthrrtydollanpermonthm of theisnowreedving. ·'•¤··¤·*·¤=*-·~ Th•n¤a•dJamesD.Bureham,lateofocmpanyE,Si:thll•gimeutTqnaseeVolnnteerCavalry, andpay·himapaii¢mattlierat•· of.tbn·tydollarsJp•s·mnntlninlienofthat bmw ' .

  • •"•*’¤**¤*— amesJmkms,lateofCompm H and

twentieth Regiment New York Volunteer Inéitry, and pay him a ‘ Eylvnatthqrateoftwurtriouralollanpermonthinheuefthaa is now reeavirq. .