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1242 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 205, 206. 1912. ‘V*¤i¤¤ W- "’='¤¤ The name of William W. Waters, late of Company D, Sixth Regiment United States Cavalry, and pay him a pension_at the rote of thirty dollars er month in eu of that he is now receiymg. _ i’¢¤¤*°¤¤m*, The name ol) Louis T. Moseley, late of Company A, Fifth Regiment Pm T` of United States Volunteer Infantr , War with Spam, and pay him a pension at the rate of twenty dollars per month. _ - ·’¤¤¤ ¤•¤“¤· The name of John, Dardis, late of- Comgany G,*Second Regiment

 V0l\1I.l;861' Infagtiy, War with thpam, and pay him a pen-

` t te dollars mon gmeliu m¤¤¤~ Smirihaé uerggzf (laomelius Linnehalnillate of Battery A, First Battalion Maine Volunteer Heavy ArtillerH;nYVar· with Spam, and pay him a pension at the rate of twelve do per month. Approved, July 5, 1912. ?·¥?i—°*?·% .¤.i‘E'f’.a‘.i’q°.Z‘.T.%?1.£“R&,.r..“"“?n€..p;“5L%“N*£‘“}‘*.‘€.'§"°..°‘-.%':'..*2..‘2i°?‘.;%1".§..”.5 [mute, No. 41.] wais other than the Civil ar. and to widows anvd dependent relatives of such soldiers Ill Blklfl. . B it enacted theSe·nale ndHauseo Re entativeao the United

  • ’°""°"'· ·Stat:s of Anmgzya in auevnblcd, Tm the Secre{ary of the

Interior be, and he is here y, authorized directed to place on the ension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension P¤¤¤¤¤- enameo u . wrowo e ,ateo F1Th fL F Ge1g:r·' `d fWi|liamA.G` l f my F' G°l`g°r` the United Statescldarine rps, War with Spain, andliphlyarlser a pension at the rate of twelve dollars per month} and two 0 per rilrrgrlth adlgligiinal onfaccount of a mmor child 0 the soldier until sho reac e o sixteen ears.

=g· S The name ofagajor C. Hurlgate, late of Czgtain John S. Ford’s

' company (first company), Texas Volunteers, dian wars, and ay lhirn a pension_at the rate of sixteen dollars per month in lieu of that e is now recervmg. "`°°"°°°°" “‘i?‘*`2‘;%°§ “‘°'%“1S”&°.’¥i?.}° °'°°'i‘v"°“’ ?i;“‘i"’*’i%‘°h B52; ment m tutes 0 un an ar S `

pension at the rate of twentrfourtgllars pv; moiitlhuinslxieupgl that

e rs now receiving.

  • ’°°,;‘°"'· ,,_ ThenameofAliceDo widowofBedf rdM,Do ,late f

‘“ °°`"" ‘ compel; s, rim Regamvziiilhneact of Columthia venmyseihsme-;, W&!'_W1t Spain, and saw a pension at the rate of twelve dollars per montlhxrlth two 0 _ per month additional for each of three rang: chil of the soldier until they, respectively, reach the age of six n years. ‘·"'• °- """•’· The name of Lewis G. Murray late of Com D Third Regrm' t §.C·:;°::‘£*:.Y;*é:“.&·:* £f:‘:.€n.2"‘··* *:3.** ipmué W hm · Piw per on , .,.,"°”*°¤,__,,*°*"‘*•°°· The name ofThomasJ late of Com D, Seco d Regr.m' t ma` United States Infantry, warg):-nid pay himna pemiorszt ‘».¤ therateofiifgdollarspcmonthmheuofthathexsnowreeeiving, mm'- ‘°°*°’· The narne_ Harry . Keefer, late of K, Fourth Regment Vuirrtiihz V<&un:et:°1{nfa5r0tH;¤Wu ‘withuLpam, and pay him a pension a v ”•¤*¥'· "•°'*°¥· The name o;·He1l)ry F. lgackey, lgtfxiotllre United States Navy, Warmv;r)1£rhSpain, and pay him a pension at the rate of twelve dollars per "•*¥ "°*"* Tm- Thenamaof1{aryNorr·hr'l‘i|1man,wid ofJamesH.Tillma.n,lat• _` colonel First Rwent Sonth Carolina Vzlwuntger Infantry, War with

y apensronattherateofthrrtydollars_perm9n¢:i

wo pnrmontlraddrtaonalonlccountofoneuunorahrld theofficeruntilsnchchildreaches thoageofsixteenyeara. Approved, July 5, 1912.