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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 853. 1912. 1311 The name of Benjamin Coe, late unassigned, tiethRegnmen' t *9** mzlgnggltllpfmtq, and pay him a'pension at e rate of twelve B`°j°m°°°°' 1110llllDBOIwwllI€l'B ,hl ddgnd tchild f·w‘w"‘“'”""""·

 H. Branyan, late of Crdgiypéalhy B3) !  egiglent Pengsylvama Reserve Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the

rate-of twelve dollars per month. me name ot num F. Beck, widow or ohms W.Beek,1ate or ’“•"— Mr Company C, Fifth Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, and pay her a garon at the rate of twelve dollars per month. e name of John Henderson, helgees and de dent ehild of ‘l°°" H°°°°”°“‘ Justus Henderson, late of Company D, ty-fourthellegiment Iowa Volxmteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of twelve 'liie Eggm 11. aaexmsyu, late or company E, mam Regt §’:.°:.";.'t’As’:{.‘;.‘:;;’.. ment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and Troop C, Sixth B ent United States Cavalry, and gay him a pension at the rate o? thirty dollars permonth in _'eu of at he is now _ mmm mu R.,,..."*‘° "‘%f.,""""t‘$‘1.E.’..":..°·I.Er“‘.t’..°.§ "f..‘”.‘i*’,;‘2,¥ ¤%..l"°“"*"‘.":“;‘% . 1 io the rate of thirty-six dollars per month in lieu of that Ernie now reeervmg. · ’l‘he name of Armstrong Staley, late of Company`)? One hundred “"“'"""‘ s“"°’· and tlurty-fourth Regiment Ohio National Guard antrg, and gy him a pension_at the rate of twenty dollars per month in 'eu of at now . °'l1‘l1e Mwr, late of Compialgy K, Rzginient °““ ”°°""°’· West_Vir€.ma Volunteer antry, and pay _ a pension at e rate of thirty ollars r month in lieu of that he is now receiving. _ mmm w_ Hmm '1‘he name of W. H;.5h;s, late of Company IQ, Tenth Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Ca _ , and pay him a pension at the rate of thirty dollars per month in heu of that e is now receiving. hmm H umhmt The name of August H. Merchant late of United States ships Paul ‘ Jones, John Adams, and Princeton, United Statee ayy, and pay apensionattherateofthirtydolluspermonthmheu ofthatheis m'l"he narlilxf Allison Clark, late of Company H, Seventeenth Regi- *""°" °"'°" ment Indiana Volunteer Infantry and him a pension at the rate of thirty-six dollars per month in lieu p t at he is now reoemnf. ,,,,,,_,°m The name of Kate G. Andrews, widow of Hugh ate of Km cundrcws Company D, One hundred and mnth Regiment Ilhnois Volunteer . Infaitihtry, and pay her a pemion at the rate of twenty dollars per milhe name or same F. manu, henpxm me again: cum ¤r_M11a °‘"‘° ’·"“"’“· Wilson late of Company B, One hundred and yfourth Regiment Ohh? Nathan;] Guard Infantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of p 'I'l::na(;ne or Ealdlgsn W.Wo1fe, late of Company 0, Firpt Battalion, nl “'·¤'°¤·¤·°'”" °w°'. w”'¤¤'°a°‘ F°  ?°”“°°.»..QT‘¤U“‘“" S“"2‘;mI.'I'¤?Z‘.}'.%l¢r?.'1r {22; £‘.£‘·..‘ """‘°‘° veg" t e o dollars mon _ · _ _ _ · The mm; of uuid S??_["ruq]_i]_l, lug of Comfsny Il, Nmgtggp mm is Regiment New York State Militia Infantrx an_ pay him a pension at e_rate of twenty-four dollars per mon in lieu of that he is now mzmfims or John B. Melllhinngglate pommissary §e¤¤t, One ’°”""°°` ' hundredand fortiethllegimentO NationalGuand entry, payhimapensionattherateoftwenty-fourdollarspermonthmheu of that he is new receiving. · , Pam Stroek.lateo{0¢mipa¤yA"il§1é1th gegiment VQIIIDSEQYIII], andpayhcapumonat rateoftwelvedollansparmonth.