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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 353. 1912. 1319 'lhename fJamesWarren_ B ,aliasJ Warren ·'· • Companied 1; and K, Third t Massmazlisusetts Voldnfzegg tu: {3: Heavy Artillery, and my him a-pension at the rate of thirty dollars per month in lieu of t _ t he is now receiving. me dame or wiunm 1.. Mme, late of Com my n, ·rwe¤ty.na1i "””···*— **'*•·· Regiment_ Iowa Volunteer Infantrk and ay a pension at the rate of thn·ty dollars per month in eu of tlliat he is now _ The mms of meander perks, late or cempm D, one hundred md “"“"" ’•'** 3`ghth Regment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, anal pay him a pension at e rate o thirty dollars per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. The name of Caleb W. Story, late of Company G, Tenth Regiment °"‘° " °‘°"" New York Volnmteer Cavalry, and pay him a pension at the rate of thirty-six dollars Iper month m lieu of that he is now H I Thename of ope M. Craig, widow of William A. Craigkgate of °’° '°°°" Company L, Eighty-third Regiment New York Volxmteer antry, apdhpaillsoer a pension at the rate of twenty dollars per month in lieu- · 0 at w rooei ° . . · The mm;°ei°§¢epnmv1Tinen late of Company c, one hundred md °°"'*‘ '· ""'· fifty-third Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and Ky him a pgnsion at the_rate of twenty-four dollars per month in u of that w reeemng. · , ‘ Eidlo name cfHenry J. Van Iderstine, late of Company E, Twenty- •u%.°” J' V"' u" second Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, an_ pay him a pension at rate of twenty-four dollars per month m hen o that he B HV , . . mennen Bndinll. e name of Rudisell, late of Company D Fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, and pay him a pension at tlrerate of thirty- aixdollarspermonthmlieuofthathensnowreoexvxxig. _ °,,,,,,_.,,,,,·,_ The name of Oamer A. Talmage, late of Complalnly , Tenth Rx ment Volunteer Iplfantlry, anpthezyh _ a pension at teo mnt in`euo· eisnow . U I ml I mThe nameizf Kirkwood, late of Company I, I" and forty-seventh Regiment Indiana Volnmteer Infantry, pay plimtxa pension at the_rate of twenty-four dollars per month in lieu of e is rece: . · ,,,,,,,, mg'l!1l1§nar:1x:a)‘¢:fA¢{,o`lll1nn·$m J. p.%1¤,“13e or O¤mp•nydB, T•§¤:y· "’ """'*‘ ` t Regnnen' t onn ry_an ay a pension pt_the rate of _' y dollars per month in lieu ofpthat he as n°The nameofSarah M. Spence, forinerwidow oflohnll. Ba ·, late s•¤ax.••i•••. of Company C, Forty-seventh Regiment Indiana Volunteer Ingntry, and ay her a ion at the rate of twelve dollars E month. ‘ _ Nd-. h-_·_ No nw: °£§·m·k.°*·R.,¤·#¤·.··%;‘¤·.;:*;£".;·rh..;Pm·~m‘z* ··; ······=···—· , D1 _ o . phermgpngaion dwg; rata of twenty-dollars per month mugs: chg-! e is now rece: . , . _ , ,;.5.; ,ThenameerJo1mP,Bauard,1•uot0en;pa¤yK,_Fm¤thReg»- °°" · "}°?£°“.i‘.% v°'“‘°°&.°§.“u;".?’—¥'i‘i..‘1‘l.“§.*“¤Z·’$°”“°’ " °‘°·”“ ,,,,,,, mb]! 0 • ·. ° Tne¤lamedeAY$.r.°¤¤d,wad¤wqe:en¤rs¤at;a;,ne—$n¤ied ·*"“‘ States ships New Hampshire and Pnnceton, Um Stats Nayyr apetlhpsillnexisagennon attherateoftwentydollarsperunontliinhen at e w . ’ · _ . 0 The name ¢§°John A, , lah of Complpy L S¤V§¤W¤N·l\ RQ? hhlolw ment Indiana Volunteerlnfantry, and ylazlum apensnon attherate of twmty-four dollars per month m Kill he U NW N°°“m8· = nan. The name of Penelope Morton, {cn-mer sndow of James Morton, naman late of ;(bmpany F Twenty-second Regiment Kentucky Vohmteu I¤fant1’y,andp•yh¢apamsonattherat•oftw¤lNd<:llanp¢