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1386 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 127. 1913. . name fM` L.M wid fH P.Mann,lateof mm L mm Corglpian D, Igifth pany L, Second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, War with Mexico, audpayherapenmonattberateof$20permontl1ml1euofthatahe 1¢¤:r H¤¤¤•=¢ B 'llflig nr?ic•ni J. Hubbard, widow of Jams H. Hubbard, late first lieutenant Com y C, Thirty-second Regiment Wisconsin Vol- ¤nteerInfantr_Zl;an¢l);».ayherapensionattherateof$25perm0nth " li f tb t reeemng' . · °°°*¥° W- "’“"'P‘°'· mTg xgameaof . Sumpter, late of Company K, One hundred and fifteenttll: Illinos pay a peus1o' t te r mon m is now 1'8081'V1Dg. L°*'*¤*** Y- B*'°°* The :11:11; tg-Ituritiida P?§sNm$&_Mr¢;o_:}v of Mtilgon H.?arnes, late og Co , tR8glm· t o un Art1ll` an payuhgi pensirgndat theorilate g5:$;2g))d-per imlonth in 11;:* offtggyahe is reeei , $2 on tio on aooo 0 e minor glgilvd of thvgaiidlulliiltonpg Ilgarnes until she reaches the age of sixteen years. · P·¤=*¤¤- Th fE1tMar¤hhe11 d d tchi1dofGi1ee m°°“¤mh' ‘ Marsli,nl§..e°o(f Coxxacny G, Seve1Ii£?itahn :1lowa Volunteer Infan and a her a ’on at the rate $12 month. “"· FEE} X°°" · gaewsgdusinvmnx- 'I‘he name o ward . Mace, late of Company £?rI•‘irst Regimmt ‘ Meme Volunteer Cavalry, pay him a pension at the rate of $30 per month m lieu of that he is now receiving. _ Nm r Vw <>¤1¤¤· The name of Mary J. Van Orden, former widow of M. Knofsker, late of Company B, Twenty—£rst Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and widow of James W. Van Orden, late of Com-. pany C, Twenty-iimt Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and payiher a pension at the rate of $20 per month mheu of that she is now sun an ww:. 'I‘h:1:gaine of Sueau M. Wyatt, widow of Qtis C. Watt, late captain Comggny B, First Regiment New Hampshire Volun _ Cavalry, and pay rapensionattberateoftwpermonthmhenxofthatsheis new . ‘···*·°··“·· T.“sE°§`.·v.%:gR.g°‘ ¥·"*·1¥.·é:.‘dy» tt m$~“m* €m···.·;.z..”· - ana o n , pension at the rate of $30 gr mont.h‘in lieu of thuaithe igiovggoeiviug x.··u.¤mm enameo wie . ramen, ate en Th f Le F _ I of M, T th Regiment, and Company_C, Second Regiment, Mksoun oluxiteer Cavahgg and pay lum_a pension at the rate of $30 per month in lieu of that miizmwiwéiglmimin em, wid fJ c Gum la r Amanda it Glen name . ow 0 ames . , te Company I, Eighth Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry and psy ]I0l'}P&DSi0DBthbBI'8t£0f$20PH'm0DhlllDllO\l ofthatsheisnow reeei . ¤¤*•¤• K•¤¤•*· f of t’S0l05I.\g!3 late oggtompany F, Twenty. ourtb Re%en an m an , Twen · Regiment, Misso ' v0lUtIiw€Im a1;tZ,ta1;n;l_p£y a penszn at the rate of $30 pu; mon o a sa . _· M ¤···*·~· ":¤P¤"*m°,.“..€:*:7* £.%·,*· ·* ..%¤····¤z.,?.· E*~*···¤· Ms; men o · ¤¤¤:;z4pe¤me¤ma¤u¤¤ma.e1i•a¤l:»?·mce:1Q’§°,°°°°°° ¤¤¤¤•¢¤•¤•¤•- ThenameofEdmondl{elt¤n,|ateofCompanyC,SixteentbBegiment Miasoun Volunteer Cavalrgsapd pay a pension at the rate at M °'$ "°'...“”%v'$'+°“¤·¤,°‘ ""‘¤.¤. ‘.§“?•3'm‘§°;.?"‘¢'i‘¤¤a·i ‘ ¤.,,.·m...r Misomj ‘¥olunteu· _Regi;netg Hisnun ohmteu hgh: a pension r·ateo!$36permqthmlieuo(__,hai•n<{wreedvmg, · · "·'*•*‘°°•"•- ‘Ihenameofl(el¤saA.lIeGvwa%_widow·otAI¤¤ander1[eGo late of Company I, lint K•¢¤¤¤t iaeouam Volunteer Cavalryru