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1432 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. sm. m cu. 137. ma. ’°*·¤ H·Y'¤*- Themnmeof John H.Yu·ger,1ate of Co andfi1·¤tlieute¤- ant Company G,Fo1’t]'-Dillth Rggimeut Ohio _ toerlnfmtry rugl pa.yh:m_a_pensionstther•t¤ ’%P0l'lIIO¤IhmlkU0fth8t&1bH DOWIOUGIVIDQ. ’•¤¤°·’°¥°· The name of James-C. llzyd, late of Comglzny E, Thirty-third R.egimeutOhioVoluntger_ mtry,mr{psy gpemionstthe 1—•toof$24p¤rmont.hmheuofthsthenmwmeew1::5§§1d $•;”,__ Them.meofHomer Hoover, helplesmddepeudent ofhmes Hoover of Com ne huxxdreji and scY¤uty-third Regi-

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H"""‘"‘¤“ T£6Dl¤l00fHlf!ktP.Hl‘B,d¢P0lId0DtN$lID!0fEdWI!\iC.Hl`b, lenowo K,N'mthRcg1men' ¢N Jeu¤y.Vh1nteerI¤f;ntry, u1dp•yb1:u? ¤•tthonteof$;’§'tg;ermontg. -1-.,.,,., p,w...¤. Thonsme m•sP.Weutworth,l• ofOo H,Twen · . . mP¤{m W '°*°·- Ent Begnmnt Wkoomm Volunteer Infantry smdpn •peumon‘ •ttherst•of$40permo¤thiu1i¤uofthatheisno¤%·‘nc¤iving. ¥¤¥'-°••¤‘· BmThona.;:m¤u‘•:{‘§laryF.Deu» {;rg[fuf&n£rydmag:l¤]:’•i¥·hu_•pembn¢d»nkd¤5p¤mmthh $v.¤L The nemo ¤fAlmyr•Vmqi\. of Joh:} Vmcil hte or com- $1*% B,,.¤,.‘ S°°°“L’}€°»;.?‘£‘.}]'£i‘»°”p.`.Y°ml"5‘¤“¤¤1' L"°‘ ‘“‘°‘°”· "“* "°" ""*°°’“§'°""‘} Th¤mm•¤fHontioD.EIliott,l•too£0omp•:qD,!i¤¤•R¤gm»¤‘ mmbpmw W`uoon¤inVoluptegrO•v•Iry,•ngIp•yhim•p¤Iin•ttlmnt•o; IM 830Tgrmont.hmhq¤ofth•tho¤mwncdv1§, t ¤'i.i‘.'2‘%°»€...I’°¤.IL ?.T’I'°...».," "‘.Z.3‘ °°”i1"..T.“’ ’S*"""?;§" "°‘* men o _ _ psy npauimst nteof ssc mothmh¤uofth•th’ ¤m¤¤g· . Ammnam m§§;h,%:;°{Ay;.¤;|,r§k$;i;}l¥l;:•!;:rt:I¢§f &0mhuMnd Regnmeu Ohm o , · Un ¤¤¤.m.¤»¤¢mp·»¤¤¤¢umu»¤¤e°¥n•¢n»u°¤:¤°;rh`¤;7°;.`}}’;°5,`?Y ’ · 'Ifhe xmpe of Dpn·otg·&·Baoon, widow of Franck H. Bacon, hte •etmgeumg¤,Umyed_ N•vy •¤dp•yhor•pemi»n•tth•¤t• I of820permonthmhouofth•ta¥`nei¤ow1eeoivu•g. ""’“· “"‘ Pqyhebmun ofMn·yM.Jopc¤, widow of Chnzlg {om, Ietelgff Cam-

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_ _ m t a is now YOGGIVIIQ. ’·•·'="·¤*· 'l‘ha1mmaofF1·•nkT.Sick1¤·,lateofo¤m;••¤ my .,,,-8;, 'Regimmt Pennsylvania Vqluqtmr Infantry, md ps; hghapmniontlé Emu c_B°h¤_·thentoof$30§:rm11o¤thmheuofthsthsh¤owmoei . an Thomnmoof _ elC.Robertson,1ntoofComp;¤y(;:l:F|,j,d]g,g;, p.m."‘°“* N2§‘Z‘».,°,‘£?;"3‘{‘J»°“‘““" e’£‘*""£ I?Z¤‘L‘% ‘“" ‘”’ """ ‘ ¤..¤°¢sm.m¥&`$.,u.¤,¤'I;.¤;2’>¤..,Z¤,'§}`&¤”¤¥.7.2.& Lag Fifty-geoond Regiment Illinois Volungoeq Infantry, ami psy _•_penn¤n •tthenmo($24p¢m¤uthmh¤¤oldn•¢h•huow ‘“'““" "“" MM “2”6»%‘ #.;*2.::,:- I¥.';·‘*··· ’::.·* °·········¤,,..**· ¤=·=·-¤··=· , him ' nt•ol$50parmo¤thhxli¤¤¢:“§th•i‘fn:vLn¤d:hg. uh