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1490 PARCELPOST CONVENTION——BB.AZIL. Mncx 96, 1910. ¥tRh$.IIIO· puppy; co•w•»l•os;° baboon Ge Unild Shia America and Ge """"""` Pa United Shia of oigned in Rio de Jo1•¢€n?f1lor¢:J• 96, 1910. "•*;°·P°•‘°'°'°°‘ Withtheviewtopromoto the Nointuitodemelh¢¤rarasr•· Mnqgzu improvern•ntof thepost•lnl•-ln9oa•po•tae•u1tr•o•E¤t•d¢» tions between the United Stats Ungdoe do Brail_ e oe Estedoe of Unidoe x America, oe cbuxo o , e ers , ¤¤§¤•d _ Irving Dudleyrzibanador Jose Mana da Siilye Pannhos Extraordinary and Plempoten· do Rio-Brmco, Mm.¤t1o_¢le Phti•ryof theUnitedSt•t•aoft•doduRehc<§qExtenores,e A.ll'l8!'l08,I0(l%foI\Dd1Dtl\§ FnncucoS£,MmntrodeZE»stndo name oflhranlr orris Hitchcock dlv1I¢[0 eObra• Puhlnpas, por asPostm•sterGenerelof theE¤vdoel'l•tedo•Unado•do United Stetes of _ America, on behalf of the United States of "'A$.'.i°" E José Maria da Silva Pannhce Dudlei, do Rio—Br•nco Minister of Stete Extnordmanc e poteneiano for Foreign Relations, and Fran- doa Eatedce Umdoe da Amence, oi•coSA,hliniterolSt•t•!or S°rocedend0em1•H?·eemnome Weyn md Public Works, on Frank Herrin 'tehcoek como behelf of the United States of Minietro doe Comics (Postmaster Brasil, General) dce Eetadoedgmdoe da America perte oe Unidoe By virtue of the euthority Em virtudedcepodera que vested in them, have egreed upon receberam, conyierun no•eegum— the following articles for the tes ation penoestebelecimento establishment of a Parcel-Post de um systems de permutaclo de system of exchange between the encommendas posteee entre os two countries. doh pains. Airncus I. Arneo I. ¤¤¤¤•·f¤¤=¤¤¤¤¤¤— The visions of this Convm— As dnsph da presente Contion eglptly exclusively to the veneio appfiizzi - se exclusivepsrcel-post system of exchange mente £ utecio de encomproposed in it and do not e8'ect mendas nellsestebe— the unnqmenta now exiting lecidoenlcalteramosaccbrdos under the fmvexsal Postal Con- actualmente existentea em virvention, which shall continue as tude de Convencso Postal Uniheretefore; and all arrangements versel, que eontinuario como ste hereinafter contained sp ly ex- aqui; e todas as dispoeiebes ue elusive! to mails exchanged se aeguem epplicaeee-no is mgas under tliisConvention. permuézdns em virtude de preeente nvenclo. Annu.: II. Arneo II.

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