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1538 TREATY—GREAT BRITAIN FUR SEALS. Furman! 7, 191L F•¤*¤¤¤"·”¤- 1}·ea#y‘Mweent}wMn£ted8t¤tee¤•d0re¤¢Britui•ssro••d•ng° ° ‘ Saba:. atWaa}•`£;tos•, February 7, 1911; rougher: advaud by the Semte,_F 1911; ratifed b%0¢l•;9ueeiden¢, 1{areh 6, 1911idr•$¢{'d Jiely 7, 1911,- December 14, 1911. Br·r.¤1P¤¤mm·ror·m:U¤·1:rnSu·a·1:0rA.1¤¤¤a. A PBOCLAMATION. '“Fgrg;_L{g$*¤¤ Whereas a Treaty between the United States of Ainerica and Preamble the Unitzi Kingdom of Gran; and Irdmd fu 1:; P¤¢.1>·1¤¤· reserve 'on rotection 9 sea$ w an signed their respects: at on the seventh da of February, one thousand nine hundred and eleven, the of which Treaty is word for word as follows: ce¤¤»¢u¤re••¤. ’I'he United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and and of the British Dommions yondtheSeas,Emt£:rorofInd1a,beingdesirousof adopting efeetive measures for dpreeervation and protection of thefurseela,have resolvedtoeon udeatreaty forthatpurpoae and to that end have as their Plenipotantiaries: ne¤s»¤¤•¤¤¤¤» The President of the United States of America, Philander C. Knox, Secretary of State of the United States; and _His Britannie Majesty the Right Honorable James B ee, 0. M., his Ambassador and Plenipotentiary at Vyaehington; Who, having communicated to each other their resmetive full powers, which were found to be in due and proper form, ve agreed to and concluded the following Article: ‘ Amcxm I. nude neu? The High Cont:·aetmg' Parties tuall d roea]1 agree }.'%6'2'..‘§"...&l‘E their citizens and subjects, respgllxively 3,::1 subjectthe ¤¤•¤~ laws and treaties} and their shall be prohibited while thmArt1c1eramams1n oreefromengagingmpelagnesealinginthat £gof theBehringSeaandNorthPaex£¢:0ceannorthof thethirty- dghiédigu of northdlat1:|:de and cit of the one hundred and meridian, an every su risen nge] ‘ gags this prohibition mai be seized an detainzld theogaegsug _du1yoomm1ssioned _ ofe1theroftbeHi}éliCon¤·aeting Partieahbuttheshall bedehveredasaoonaspranztieableto the authorities of e nation to which belong, who aaloneshallhaveyunsdietiontotrytlieo andimpoaethepenab t1eeforth•aame,thewitne¤eeandproofnece¤ry·to¤tablidxth•