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1074 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 111. 1912. ¤¤°<=¤ *·*¤¤* I The name of Enoch Adkins, late of Company H, Fiftieth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infant , and pay him a pension at the rate of twenty-four dollars_per monltli in lieu of that he is now receiving. W”“*¤'*-‘•¥*°“- name of Wilham H. Layiield, late of Company C, I•`orty-seeond Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of twenty dollars per month in lieu of that he is now W¤¤¤¤¤~¤¤=k•· rwilhglliigame of William E. Clarke, late of Company G, Fifty-second Regiment Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Infantry, and Company D, Seventeenth Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavahyaand pay him a pension at_the rate of thirty d ars per month in u of that he is n w ecei . "““•'°”°°••· °Th1e How late of Clompany K, Seventy-ninth Reguxient gan: untmr hautliiy, ai; t£:yhhun a pension at the ···¤··· <=·»¤··~ "‘¤%.‘Z. ’ tguli %2’hZ’°1'§£. ‘?o.f“ ° if S35 “°"""°°"""" N name o us , 0 mpany , y-ninth Regiment ew York Volunteer Infantry, pay him a pension at the rate of twenty-four dollars per mont m lieu of that he is now ""° °°“""'· w'l‘l;e`p_ame of%sa;ac Cut%nlate afniglompagyuli, Fifteenth Regment es o teer t , - P¤1¤wn` at t wm K mm. of thirty ollaxs month in liguof tli:t·yhe`is ...T.‘:°w“““°... +’.§‘.?s‘!‘~‘€¢.E*...Z‘i.':."r.}¢t.‘T’.§'.‘g.f’2.’i‘¤’““,.. ’¤...a.’·."""°“,...‘.i‘35?.€; mmw rateofthirty ollarspermonthi11l:ieuofthatheisnowreeeivi|$;_t ` a ¤.g¥° “‘“‘v‘€¤...°’ J°"“w!Z¤1..l2"a"il?&L2‘?y°l{2d°°’“¤¥;..l°’.°`““,me¥.¤ a the rate of thirty dollars Bar month in lied of iivnow '•”'•"·"°*°'*· The name of et . Nichols widow of Henry C. Nichols late captain Comyialfny E, Seventy-third Regiment United States Vpolunteer Colored antry, and pay her a pension at the rate of twenty dollars per month in lieu of that she is now '““"'· '“‘“'· f1‘he name of Mattie H. Miner, widow of Henry C. Miner, late captam Company M, Third B?iment Ohio Volunteer Cavahiy, and an; p·;;¤:::c::vit'ln:e rate o twenty dollars per month in euoflm """"""·“‘ Thenameof · W.I wide !Ho K.I- Company QD, dV¤nmxi't%ol¤1ixt°e•er an _ y E 1; };e:x:1<;;1c:it vg: rate of twenty dollars per month in eu of at °°°""·“*'*"'· 'l'henameofGeo• W.Harlo ,1ate fCompan K 4 th Regiment Vermont Vdlunteer Infzntry, End pa a peéieeiginnssuthe mmm rate of thirty dollars per month in lieu of that lie is now '·'*"· name of William H. Hall late assistant su eon Thirty-sixth Regiment New York Volunteer lnfantry, and pa a pension at Nmqlnuh ¢l1¤T!l;¢;g1§f:y1¢&oHamlpm month inilieu pfthat ge ie now , an Searls, Iugm, S8"], Company C, Seventcll Regiment Eclii‘;:n¥ol1mtee"E·• Infan , lttzlill ggigalsafo ?s,P;;¤:1¤rl:c:;¤'§ ratejuf twenty dollars per month of nununamny enameofRosw •Bra'dl ,lat {Co 'CSeventeenth Regment Vermont Volunteer clnfantlg andullzlgpariy G, Second

tVeteranReserveCorp•, andpayhimapensionattherete

mm of dollanspgmonthinheuofthatheisnow ‘ ’ . anu. Thenameof Morean,lateofCompan Hinue•:°taZ·olunteerInfanEand"g‘yhi¤;ap{•iisionatthente¤f . thirty month in of he .

  • ”*·""*· _ Thenameol)§aryE.8eaton,wid¤wef Seaton, ••¤¤¤d
¥¤P•¤y Ghyhta   N Volunteer- Cavalry,

¤¤»»¤¤a»¤,·· . —· °’ "°"”°'”h”‘l‘°"