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PROCLAMATIONS, 1911. 1707 Br ma Psasmmrr or- ru Urrrrsn Srarns or Anmmca ¤¤¤•=¤~¤•¤· A PROCLAMATION WH'EREASitap rsthatthe blicgoodwillbe romotedb ¤*¤•*¤ N ¤l¤¤!i¤¤*·l¤8 pertain ilzgds from theuK1amath National) Forest- bg 5.33 "’ °"‘“= adding to said National Forest certain lands within the State of Cali- P"'“'""°‘ forma, wh1ch_are in part covered with timber; by transf to the Sislngou National Forest a portion of the Klamath National Forest; '••'·1* *7*- and y mcluding in the Klamath National Forest certain lands within ?°•'· 1* lmthe State of Oregon heretofore embraced in the Crater National Forest; '°•*· 1* lm Now, therefore, I, William H. Taft, President of the United States $*g*°3·},***¤,g°°'°•°· of America by virtue of the power in me vested by the Actof Congress '°' arkriroved june fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, entitled " Act Mal:an%é:;;§>ropr1ations for sundry civil ? of the Governmentfor the year ending June thirtieth teen hundred and nmety-eight, and for ,” do that on and after July iirst,_mneteen h and eleven, boundaries of the Klamath Natnonal Forest shall be um shown on the diagram forming a The withdrawal madesliy this proclamation shall, as to all lands'}? ¤¢*·¤ ¤°* •*· which are at this date 1eE y appropriated under the (public land laws or reserved for any pub c urpose, be subject to au shall not interfere with or defea lial rights under such appropriation, nor prevent the use for such pub c purpose of lands so reserved, so long as such pppropriation is egally maintained or such reservation remains in orce. This proclamation shall not prevent the settlement and entry of any Q,5*¤,=;¤*:··*¤_¤•¤**·· lands heretofore opipened to settlement and entry under the Act of ’ ` Congress a prov June eleventh, nineteen hundred and six, entitled "An Act :1% provide for the entry of Agricultural lands within forest reserves! The lands herein eliminated from the Klamath National Forest are hereby withdrawn for classification under the Act of June twenty- •¤. _ fifth nineteen hundred and ten (36 Stat., 847), and will, when com- v°"°°"‘“" patihle with public interests, be restored to settlement and entry under the laws applicable thereto on such dates as shall be iixed by the of e Interior and after such notice as he may deem advise. e. It is not intended by this proclamation to release any land from **°***¤•°’•‘· reservation except the areas indicated on the as eliminated nor to reserve any land in the State of Oregon not eretofore embraced in a National Forest. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be_ Done at the City of Washington this thirtieth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven, [sean.] and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirty-fifth. Wu H Tart By the President: Huzrrmorox Wmsos Acting Secretary of Slate.