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1770 mzocnruuvrious, im, ma. ¥••-¤•¤•· 1*1*- Br rn Pnnsmmrr or mn Uxrrnn Suns or Aunrca A PROCLAMATION ,,2** !'*"°"‘ 't that th blic good will romoted by r¤di»°a.l°' Nstiliial Forest certamlands withm ¤¤*"¤***•*'· liow, therefore, I, H. Taft, President of the United States V°'·'°·P·"· of America, by virtue of the power m me vested ly the Act of Congress approved June fourth, eighteen an_ nmety-seven (30 tat., -34), entitled "An Act Makmgbapgrepnations for sundry °e.u-H·°’§’°"‘“°“ °' '£‘l.1d°r*§E?.`£4?“°"J°'·° 2 df "°"e.s°°“¤““rp¤.r.J“‘*‘? , t , an oro r , do tha.? the boundariesmik theegapahc National giorest are hereby changer}! andfthat they are now as shown on the diagram ' art . ··=·‘*“=~·“‘=-·‘·‘·==—‘ [r’*"*·.Z·i’i·"·**?*·,.¤*·°·*·°`·;.,;;‘·:*.‘···*r·.:* *2;: **2 ·.%*····‘:·· ”:**¢r;·:J°*#·2“· o une wen — mne een ual-°l;·¤•*"· hiiifdrzsdmand tenwn(36 Sgt., SB47), for classification? and will, when compatible with the public interests, be restored to settlement and mtg under the laws aziaxhcable on such dates as shall be gx lzithe Secretary o e Interior and after such notice as he may visa e. $¤¤¤x¤nh¤¤¤» reclamation shall not prevent the settlement and entry of

    • 0-**- any lungs haetofore opened to settlement and entry under the Act

of Co approved June eleventh, mneteen hundred and six, mmgf "An Act To provide for the entry of Agricultural lands ° crest reaerves." . Alanna. mlt is not intmdeiby thi• ior:hto any fig: except eareas catedon edxagram elumna , nor to reserve an land not heretofore embraced in a N§onal Forest. caused e ni tates . H" 'f{..*£“€vg‘rl“¥T"E·.%’s I ""$é‘.°‘.Eé."?.t’. '°* "" "“"‘ ‘“" Done at the City of Wediingltiin this nineteenth day of November mtheyearofour rdonethouaandniriehundredanei [syn.] twelve, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirty-seventh. W H T ar arr By the President: P C Knox Secretary of Slate. is lm Br rn Pusmmrr or nu: Umm Snrns or Aimnrca. A PROCLAMATION. Pm., WHEREAS bl' 'terestsrequn·e' thatth Senate fthU‘ted ` States be convliiiedmaltll twelve o’clock on th:} fourth day cl lgreh Ext to receive such communications as may be made by the tive;

¤•:ab•=¤¤:_¤;_¤:_;.¤i_: Iggy, Therefore, I, William Howard Taft, President of the United

ins". mn States of America, do hereby proclaim and declare that an extraordioceasuon requires the Senate of the United States to convene gms Capitol, in the city of Washmgtp on the fourth day of March next, at twelve c’clock noon, of wlnehibzll ns who shall at that giraaeengied toact asmembersof thatm;¤·ehuebyrequir·ed no